Tue, 7 September 2010

DURBAN: A giant storm that peaked on Sunday morning 1000 nautical miles ESE of Durban lies behind the pounding swell that is blasting the beachfront here today, says Spike.

Early on Saturday, a twirl formed below Madagascar in the wild blue beyond. By early Sunday, it was going at it hammer and tongs. Winds reached a peak velocity of around 60 kts, which is almost double galeforce. The narrow-banded fetch was about 700 miles long and what's more, it was pointed straight at Durban.

Travelling for two days, the swell began jacking along the piers on Monday afternoon, and by evening, it was heaving. Solid 8-10' beasts are hammering the coast today, and the mound is a big wash of white water. Reports from Durban indicate that the surf is gnarly and super washy, with only a handful of mullets in the water. The Wavescape webcam (click here for latest images) showed some smokers reeling along, but there were many suicidal closeouts.

It was just as well that the Quiksilver Goodwave was called off yesterday due to a lack of shark nets. The City of Durban did not allow the event to run, citing the dangerous conditions. Well, it was a helluva lot more dangerous out there today than the remote chance of a shark bite. 

However, tomorrow Wednesday, it is likely to be going off, with the piers 4-6' and beautifully clean on the early morning-ish low tide. That might have been a day to run the event.

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