Fri, 24 May 2019

Pull in next Wednesay in Cape Town to meet the Azulay brothers at the African premiere of their new film, Transcending Waves, a surf adventure epic fresh from the Falkland Islands.

Our two brothers Julian and Joaquin Azulay have teamed up with Wavescape and Gone Outdoors to put on a special show at the Labia Theatre next Wednesday, and will be in attendance to host a Q&A after the movie. Swag from Patagonia will be given away to add some spice to the evening, while Gone will bring their Worn Wear Station to fix your gear, from tears to holes.

For 50 days, the brothers explore the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), a 700 hundred islands archipelago and emerge with their film Transcending Waves (74 minutes).

After the 1982 war between the United Kingdom and Argentina, the islands have been a delicate subject in the Southern Hemisphere. This project aims to bring peace and start building a relationship between the inhabitants of the Islands and Argentina that have been distant for more than 35 years.

They find out that there are two local brothers who also surf and were also born after the conflict. They want to share some waves with them and make new friends as they usually do in their adventures, but the conflict seems to trespass generations.

They go on an expedition for 50 days immersed in the islands´ culture while searching for waves on foot, in a 4×4 truck, in inter-island planes and on a sailboat. They manage to explore uninhabited islands through a constant adverse climate and are surprised by the natural beauties that surround their coastlines, landscapes, and the local fauna.

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Gone for coming along with their Worn Wear Station, so come a bit early and bring your gear to get fixed. There will also be some rad Patagonia prizes up for grabs.



Labia Theatre, Orange Street
Wednesday, May 29
8:30 PM
Book tickets here

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