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Wed, 20 November 2013

Just so that you know, the high tide righthander at Long Beach in Kommetjie is named Crons, not Krans or Krons. Here is why. Paul Botha speaks to Spike to set the record straight.

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crons-randomCronsDairyBottleThere has been an interesting debate about the origin of the surf spot just to the right of Long Beach after we published some epic shots recently (Slideshow here).

We called it Krons, which caused some interesting responses. One called Nabs said it had something to do with Krans, as in rooikrans, the alien tree that grows all over the place. He said Krons was a bastardisation of the last part of rooikrans.

However, the ballies have come out to say that yes, it was misspelled, but that the correct spelling is Crons. In the words of veteran surfer Paul Botha "the spot was named after the Crons dairy, operated by the Cronwright family from where the Valyland Centre is in Fish Hoek now".

He said that the Cronwrights had a herd of cows that grazed where Sun Valley is and they were milked at the farmhouse situated where Sun Valley school is now.

"We named the high-tide right on Long Beach 'Crons' in the mid-60's because we got 'creamed' there trying to ride the hollow right-handers on 9'6" barges with no rocker that weighed 15 kgs!

"It became more makeable with the shortboard revolution in the late 60's when guys like Johnny Orton, Peers Pittard and Beau Wrankmore were the early standouts. A pic of Gunther Rohn riding backhand at Crons featured on the cover of "Hitting the Lip' written by Cornel Barnett - the first book on surfing published in South Africa in 1971.

"Spelling the name Krons is definitely incorrect and I'm not sure how it morphed into Krans over the years - but back the day it was original named Crons!
Paul reckons he knew the Cronwrights well. In 1959, he and two friends bought an old crashed Ford Escort from them for five pounds.

"We towed the car to the Hesterman’s farm – where Monkey Valley is now – fixed it up and drove it around the farm, on the road that goes to the Red Herring (then just a gravel track) and on Noordhoek beach. We even got stuck at the water’s edge once as the tide came in. By the time we got a tractor down there to tow it out the waves were breaking over it!"


Jacques Engelbrecht
0 #10 Captain JackJacques Engelbrecht 2013-11-24 09:05
Well, I am stoked to see this wave cranking again and even more stoked to see my brother Nick getting barreled off his tree. Whatever you guys decide on the name, good for you. I've known it as KRANS for the last 20 yrs and that is how its going to stay for me. I reckon is has a better ring to it, thats why the name got twisted slightly. Nice to now the history though.
+2 #9 Weird but coolAlistair 2013-11-21 23:30
Feels strange to have to change the name of a surf spot in one's head after more than 15 years in the water... I like the story though, cows rather than alien vegetation. The name has been recovered, the wave remains ruthless.
Paul van Jaasveld
0 #8 We updated the spotsPaul van Jaasveld 2013-11-21 22:54
Ahoi Mr. Berg local! Thanks for the heads-up about the spot name, we have updated it.
Calvin Bradley
0 #7 PardonCalvin Bradley 2013-11-21 17:43
Ha ha, sorry Comrade. I was jacked up on coffee earlier today and became a bit too defensive. I heard the word 'blame' and then typed viciously. I think that names of surf spots all around the world get changed in time due to a simple case of broken telephone. How many people don't even know the proper pronunciation of 'Teahupo'o', and simply refer to it as 'chopes'? Thankfully, there's always someone like Wavescape,and a whole long list of informed dudes that are able to set the record straight.
Anton L
0 #6 As the Bard would tell us.Anton L 2013-11-21 13:46
As rose by any other name...
0 #5 ComradeNoisyBottom 2013-11-21 13:27
Mr. Calvin Bradley, then I am mistaken and I take my comment back, however I am certain I have read in the magazine printed edition of the spot being called Krans, hence my comment. I cant tell you how recently nor do I have proof, but since this is the only surf publication I ever read I could only have read it there. Unless I was seriously creamed and had my brain flushed by a Crons wipeout, which I have frequently done. At least now we seem to be restoring the rightful name! All good in the hood!
Berg Local
0 #4 Mr Berg LocalBerg Local 2013-11-21 13:16
Haazit! Just a heads up it's still "Krans" on your surfspot (community/spot/Cape Penn South) section on your site. :-)
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