Fri, 4 September 2020

Our catastrophically inclined cluster of cartoon heroes are thrust into a new chapter of apocalyptic chaos from earth's core co-morbidity. Welcome to Apocalypse Wow! By ND Mazin

Moses Avid's Mystic Moment

Welcome to Chapter Two of the comic previously known as "Poynton Shute's Coronavirus Novel", now we just choon "Apocalypse Now!" due to various shifts in the tectonic plates of circumstance (or justa nother case of the side show taking over the main show, which happens a lot in showbiz these days).


This chapter is hosted by that quirky ole Mr Natural look-alike and self-appointed doyen of dial-a-guru mysticism, Moses Avid, and his preternaturally enigmatic better half, The Ineffable Zelda. Attie the Mystic Atman used his astral power thang ZEETGA! to teleport himself and Compost Mantiss, Poynton Shute, Pam Golin and Winnie the Pangolin, who were all just about about to be lazervaped by homicidal Toxacops (see last episode) from Surfers Corner (now renamed Venice Beach Too), where the car guards became gondolieros after Muizenberg was flooded by giant waves generated by a climate change-related earthquake in Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier, depositing them GAZEET! in Klaarkloof, a happy place next to a waterfall near the sea, where troubles are no more, Finish and Klaar!

Did you get that? Good. Sentences got shorter.

But people are always talking about Alternative Futures, but what about the Alternative Present? As you can see from this chapter's alternatively alliterative title page Moses Avid's Mystic Moment, Moses and Zelda have built themselves a fully-self-sufficient off-the-grid Peaceful Porzie, far from the Covid-infested corridors of our complicated, compromised, co-morbid present (tense)! They share their humble abode with (L-R) Hera the Giant Dwarf Peregrine Falcon, Icarus the Carrier Pigeon, Mister Mole the Inky Pooch, Henrietta Matisse the Tawny Cat, and Birdie, the most recent in an endless line of Rescued Chicks.

Dismiss it as escapism if you like, or stick around for the story -- there's always a serpent in Paradise. For now, let's just say that soon to join them are that sarcastic super-egoist, Dr Sigmund Froyd, his serene marital partner and onetime PA, Dot Coza, and their daughter Rosa Coza, followed by the surprising arrival of Poynton's boyfriend DJ Trash. And, if you look to the horizon, you may notice what looks suspiciously like a Noxious ToxaDrone --- Oops! Spoiler Alert!

Who was it who said "Fiction is the only source of truth -- the rest is fiction?"



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