Mon, 20 July 2020

The cosmic mystery of how the Covid-19 virus came to earth appears to be solved ... until Winnie the Pangolin brings proof of life, and the epiphanies flow like lava. By ND Mazin

Two questions: (1) If Winnie the Pangolin was sold at the Wuhan Wet Market, then killed and eaten, which led to the zoonotic transfer of this beastly virus into bloodstream of the human species, what's he doing, alive and well, parking off on Poynton's head? (2) And if the virus came nort from Wuhan, from whence did it come?

Baffling questions such as these abound as our saga of planetary distress hurtles inexorably towards the thrilling end of Chapter One!

Now read on!

Poynton Shute's Coronavirus Novel, every week here and www.dailymaverick.co.za and www.facebook.com/africartoons Rumours that it will soon be back on Instagram are not as exaggerated as they once were. Enjoy!

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