Wed, 23 September 2020

Forcibly moved from Muizies and dumped in a map-less wasteland, our apocalyptically inclined cluster of cartoon heroes are lucky, cos the Corner has become a kak show. By ND Mazin

Moses Avid's Mystic Moment

Klaarkloof has spun so far off the grid it doesn’t have cell phone reception nor cockroach infestations, let alone connection to the Internet or even smoke signal tools. Hence the delay in bringing you the latest news of Poynton Shute, Pam Golin and the Astral Dudes.

Well, they're quite cheery despite being forcibly removed from Muizies and dumped on a remote hillside at a place no map would dare enlist. Surfers Corner isn't in good shape at all (except in a 4ft SE swell and NW winds) with water sloshing up against the front entrances of beachfront eateries, refugee tents on the roofs of damaged buildings, and car guards doing a New Venice Beach gondoliero thing.

There are bound to be some readers who are going to say "Nooit Bru, this is such kak! I was there last weekend and it was fully kiff! The surf was amazing, there were like thousands of people on the beach, no-one was wearing masks, it was like No Covid!”

The month-long barrage of 60-foot waves that devastated Muzies are not real waves. They are symbolic, literary waves.Guys, guys. It’s just a comic. As we’ve said before, there is no place called Klaarkloof. There’s Karkloof, Klaarwater etc etc, but no Klaarkloof. It’s a metaphor, a symbol, a literary device. Similarly, the month-long barrage of 60-foot waves that devastated Muzies are not real waves. They are symbolic, literary waves. However, it is worthwhile noting that, while there is no real life Pangolin Advocacy Network Group (PANG), there is nevertheless is www.savepangolins.org. And while there is no actual Brave Activist Nice Guys (BANG), there is the Muizenberg CAN (Community Action Network), and a nicer bunch of brave activist nice guys (‘guys’ in it’s gender-free sense) you couldn’t hope to meet.

And while there may not be an actual Compost Mantiss, there certainly is an Atman. Wikipedia tells us that the Atman (for reals!) is an ancient spiritual entity documented eons ago in the Rigveda, an ancient text from Iron-Age India, circa 1,200 BCE. It means the "real self", the "innermost essence", or “the soul”. Our humble Attie is just a remote, rather puny manifestation of this mighty essence.

Likewise, while there may not be a Moses Avid, there is, or was, a Moses David (David Berg, 1919-1994). Google tells us he was the founder of a weird Southern Californian religious cult. And, yes, there is actually a Doomsday Glacier on the Antarctic Peninsula (google it), which is so unstable due to climate change that scientists fear a serious seismic event any time soon. And while there may or may not be an evil corporation called Toxacorp, there certainly are a lot of toxic corporations -- it took a mere 0,46 seconds for Google to find a whopping 16,400,000 mentions!

Where does truth end and fiction begin? Some people are moaning that this comic doesn’t stick to the “facts”. We ask, what are "facts"? Some complain that they never quite know what the heck is going on. 9 times out of 10, they've missed an episode here or there.

We say, read every episode, they're all here, on this page. Just scroll backwards. And google stuff -- you'll be so glad you did!


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