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Mon, 22 August 2016

Pull into the Spike Winter Swell Course next Tuesday 30 August at Touch of Madness in Obs, Cape Town. Book for this fascinating audio-visual profile of ocean storms, swell and waves. 

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What is it?

Founder of Wavescape, surf forecaster Spike, takes you on a journey into the ocean to see how storms form and produce waves. We see the destructive force of waves, video of intense hurricanes, freak wave damage, but also get a simple way to understand the mechanics of wave and wave period to better interpret weather models for our own forecasting. Get tips on the Internet, as well as big wave case studies of previous storm events. This fascinating, graphical journey brings home the catastrophic power of nature with a unique perspective that appeals to all ocean users or interested parties.

Who is it for?

Ocean sports (surfers, sailors, kiters, boardsailors, divers, paddlers); marine industry (salvors, lifeguards, fisheries, shipping): Recreation (beachgoers, anglers)

Evening format

Part 1 (70 minutes)
Genesis of storms and swell, anatomy of swell, and the mathematical connection between wind factors and the energy that goes into swell. Propagation of swell through the ocean, with emphasis on the role of period, and a look at how swell becomes surf, shoaling, storm damage, shipwrecks

- 30 mins halftime break, Dinner, Chat

Part 2 (45 minutes)
The Internet, weather models, prediction and interpreting the data, big wave case studies, questions and open forum

- 10 mins Q&A, Anecdotes, Case Studies


Venue: Touch of Madness, 12 Nutall  Road, Obs, Cape Town (secure parking)
Time: 6pm to 8.45pm

Pull in for a drink or two and a light meal (veggie or chicken taco and a craft beer included in price) and enjoy an entertaining lecture using video, sound and animation, and a bit of Spike's whacky humour, as well as the opportunity to talk about your experiences and share ideas, and practical tips to enhance your lifestyle (and save you petrol).

Please note, this is a special deal that is at least R100 off the normal price. Only difference is you have to get your own refreshments beyond the free 1 beer :)

Book your slot at the course below

or go direct to Quicket here

Peer review

"You've read his twisted humour in the surf reports. Now experience it in person, with 'stories from the deep' - simple explanations of where waves come from, and a generally fascinating delve into weather patterns, storms and swell from around the world. Oh, and you also get a great dinner, a few beers and the chance to skinner with other surfers and kiters. Highly recommended!" -- Ian Henderson (kitesurfer)

"Over the years I have attended dozens of courses on various topics but nothing has the vibe of having a real enthusiast share his passion. Multo obrigado." -- Mike Ohlson, Richards Bay

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