Fri, 7 May 2010

Serious swell smacks all three corners of the South African coast. We have three distinct surges and a strong burst of frontal weather, at varying stages from Thursday all the way into next week Tuesday. The storm zooms in and kind of sticks off the SW Cape this weekend, with strong NW winds. Either way, Friday and Saturday are cranking surf days in the SW to S Cape.

As an indication, check out the surf forecasts:


On Friday, a clean moderate SE breeze and cranking 5-7' swell has arrived with some 8-10' sets on open coast with the wind SE blasting fresh to strong SSE later. By Saturday, surf going OFF big time 8-10', consistent, cranking and clean early with light /mod NW wind pushing thro going light. Epic waves. Strong NW Sunday and an early winter front hits. Wonked 4-6' surf. On Monday, wind light S and 4-5' sets running on open coast. Tuesday 2-4' clean going fresh SSE.

West Coast

On Friday, light SE offshore cranking 8-12' surf. Epic day. By Saturday, surf going OFF 10-12', consistent, cranking and clean early with light E offshore pushing later light /mod NW. Epic. Epic. Strong NW Sunday and wonked 4-6' surf going light NW and surf jacking a bit, maybe some 5-7' sets on open coast in arvi, breeze easing all day. On Monday, dik new 10-15' swell hits, wind mod NW, fresh midday, easing. Tuesday cooks 8-10' easing, winds light /mod NW.

Cape Peninsula

On Friday, solid 15' sets on outer bommies, cooking surf in light SW to NW. Epic day. Saturday 10-12' bigger sets in calm to no wind. Epic surfing. Strong NW and wintery front hits in arvi, pumping into Sunday when surf dissolves into mushy 8-10' storm swell. On Monday, the storm is fixated on the coast, strong NW and pumping all day. Another, even bigger swell arrives to 18' in arvi. Tuesday 10-12' calm, classic light NW early, strong NW and another front later.

Southern Cape

On Friday, solid 10' surf open coast screaming W buster smears it into a mess. Wind eases to mod to light and points start turning on. Saturday 10-12' and swell peaks in early landbreeze but a light /mod NE onshore builds quickly, going fresh NE. The wind goes strong W to NW Sunday and a sustained burst of blasting winter. Messy surf 6' smeared, but gets huge Monday, going galeforce W to NW. Big swell eases Tuesday still strong W easing all day. Looks 8'+

Eastern Cape West

On Friday, pumping W buster all day, and messy smeared 10-15' swell offshore, with 8-10' out of control sets on the coast. Saturday swell really turns on with deep energy. Small window 10-12' early, but a lurking light /mod NE onshore could mess it quickly, going fresh to strong. Sunday sees a buster and cold front push in with small 4' surf smacked by wind. On Monday neargale W all day, dik but mild W swell builts, much going past. Tuesday howling W, storm seas 8'+

Eastern Cape East

Friday is W all day with 6-8', making the points fire clean and big! Cooooking ekse! Saturday is huge! 10'+ but NNE blow strong later in the day. The possibility of an early land breeze is ever present and could make for insane surf. Sunday starts 6-8' and wanes through the day, and an offshore blows all day, meaning epic surf! Monday 4-6' and offshore all day, a surfers wet dream. Tuesday 4-5' and a strong W blows early, easing off later. Still cooking!

Wild Coast

Friday is small with 1-2' in the  morning, to 2-3' later with light to mod SSW winds. Saturday some swell arrives at 3-4' but NE blows the whole day. Sunday mod NNW go fresh and it could be fun with 2-3' around. Monday SSW winds now blow and there's not much swell at 1-2'. Tuesday looks fun with strong W winds and 2-3' with a possible extra foot later.

KZN South Coast

Friday fresh to strong S winds and 1-2'. Not all that great. Saturday still small at 2' and NNE blows hard to bump and chop it right up. Sunday N winds blow fresh and some swell registers further south at 4-6'. Winds also go more W later. Maybe a chance of something. Monday light variable winds blow and there is only 1-2'. Small lumpy surf at best. Tuesday buster comes through, with small surf closer to Durban but 4-6' around Port Shepstone. Lumped and sideways though.


Friday still small with 1-2' but at least the SW blows for the morning. Saturday tiny surf and fresh onshores. K-a-k. Sunday a NW blows but it's over a lake. Monday variable winds blow but it's still vertically challenged. Tuesday things look up with 1-2' and SW winds.

KZN North Coast

Friday 2' and W in the morning is nothing to turn your nose up at. Wind goes S later. Saturday light to mod NE and 2-3' through the day. Sunday fresh to strong N winds all day with the mornings 3' vanishing later. Monday there's W winds but no swell whatsoever. Tuesday S winds and small swell. 

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