Wed, 9 September 2020

A week ago, one of those rare south swells lit up False Bay. Craig Wilson, keen surf photog and founder of mymuizenberg.co.za, captured two very different spots on the same swell.


SLOT MACHINE: Ted Saczek gets properly shacked at the reef. Photo Craig Wilson

As I sat at my laptop back on the last day of August a notification came through on YouTube. I saw Spike had released one of his hotly anticipated surf reports! It would seem Neptune was pulling a special swell out of his bag for the start of spring.

The scene was set for the 2nd September – an epic SE swell was set to push into False Bay with favourable North winds, the holy grail of conditions. We just had to wait and see if the fickle surf spots in the bay would turn on.

Early on Wednesday, the WhatsApp messages started to trickle in, Kalk Bay reef was firing. It was going off its proverbial. I grabbed my pre-packed camera bag and was out the door before sunrise. Grey skies and drizzle dampened my spirits a little as it meant I would be dodging downpours with my camera gear!


SETUP LINEUP: Low on the surface you can set up where to draw your line. Photo Craig Wilson


GREEN ROOM: Cracker Ash (cool name!) gets dialled in on a Reef runner. Photo Craig Wilson

Luck was on my side and I escaped the downpours for the hour I was there. The swell and wind had arrived, but it wasn’t as clean as everyone had hoped, but still a group of locals were charging some solid sets on the slab over the low tide.

Unfortunately, work pulled me away after an hour of watching some proper waves detonate on the reef. Lady Luck was on my side in the sense that the K-Bay was to become a little lack lustre for the rest of the day, with long waits and scuffed walls. I had caught the reef at her best.


MUIZENBERG AIRLINES: Ntando Nqadala whips one off the top at Muizies. Photo Craig Wilson

The rain picked up and so did the offshore winds. With high tide approaching late afternoon I headed to the Berg. I made a quick decision to shelter in the small outdoor showers from the driving wind and rain. Muizenberg was firing on the full high tide and the pushing swell it appeared was being driven into Surfers Corner.

Solid 4'+ sets were lining up way out the back. For those who took on the long paddle, it was worth it. By the next day, the swell had subsided. All that remained were smooth 2ft lines at Muizenberg and the line-up was a longboarders' dream once again!

Bio Box
Craig, a keen local surf photographer, runs a local website dedicated to Muizenberg and its eclectic residents. Go to https://mymuizenberg.co.za/


MAUVE MOVE: An unknown longboarder smacks one off the top. Photo Craig Wilson


LONG AND SHORT OF IT: A Muizies longboarder sets up the next section. Photo Craig Wilson

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