Thu, 21 February 2019

We come to that time of the year, when bad hair and bulging shorts relive the retro vibes of old on the bright white sand and in the thundering blue barrels of Llandudno near Cape Town.

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BOARD GREETING: Everybody has fun on the beach during the Rolling Retro. Photo Saskia Koerner

Retro-Poster-2019This year, Rolling Retro celebrates 10 rocking years of old school cool and new age rage, which makes it the longest running retro surf event in the world, according to media from the event.

The large quiver of retro boards owned by Robby McDonald of Vudu Surf will again be lugged down to the Llandudno Lifesavers' hut.

“I am so glad that my collection of vintage surfboards are not locked away for myself, but that once a year they get to see the sun, feel the ocean and bring joy to a bunch of surfers. Rolling Retro is my favourite day of the year and together with my partner, Kai Linder, we are stoked with the huge support our event gets.”

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THAW SHORE: You can chill and watch, or surf frigid seas, and then defrost. Photo Ian Thurtell

Rolling Retro has been booked for the weekend of 2-3 March and contest Director Captain Kai sees next Wednesday 27 February as the cutoff to make the call on which of the two days it will run, with some input from Spike at Wavescape if required.

“Its a tough job, but my track record is pretty good at calling the perfect day. Last year many doubters arrived at the beach to 1ft slop, but by the end of the day it was 6ft and perfect. We want everyone to be able to surf, so its important that the swell and winds are ideal. We also want a great day at the beach so everyone can enjoy the day at one of the best beaches in the world,” he said.

More than 100 surfers enter the event. The attraction is access to the Rolling Retro collection for a 30 minute heat with nine other people. The day ends with two or three stacked heats of the best Llandudno locals and visiting pro surfers putting on a show for the packed beach, most of whom are enjoying ice cold Striped Horse beers, Red Bull and Suncamino Rum cocktails.

The crowd on the beach will be entertained by Captain Kai and Stanley Badger, two well known surf commentators. They say that the entertainment is guaranteed, with a retro playlist that plays all day.

The surfing is followed by live entertainment, presented by Red Bull. This year, surf rock band the Dinosaurs, and DJ duo Mix n Blend, will be providing the jams. The Lifesaving Club bars are open and they have DJs till late. All proceeds from the food and bars raises funds for the Lifesaving Club.

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GREEN ROOM: Barrels on hefty vintage boards can be a challenge to find. Photo Ian Thurtell

"Early Birds will score amazing Açaí tasters from Amazonia to get them energised for the day. You can also engage with our conservation partner, Ocean Pledge, with Klean Kanteen and We Care Collective, to see how you can make a difference to the ocean and stop using single use plastic.

"Our event is a straw free and no smoking event. Fire is a real concern in Cape Town right now so please don’t smoke at our beautiful beach," says Kai.


Entries are open online and you can find the entry form here. The entry fee for surfers is R250, which includes a collectors T-shirt. The Divisions are Open Men, Open ladies, Groms, Log, Bodysurfing, Bodyboard, Kneeboard, Waveski (Must be pre-2000.)

Sponsors: Striped Horse, Red Bull, Billabong, Vudu Surf, Von Zipper, Hurricane Surf, Amazonia, Suncamino, We Care Collective, Ocean Pledge with Klean Kanteen, Hunger Society

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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