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shortcuts-musicThu, 5 November 2015

A banging soundtrack is essential to any adventure sport video, but can be hard to find without breaking the law. Here is the solution to finding free music for your videos.

We have come up with a couple of possible solutions for budding filmmakers who want to get music for their entry into the Wavescape Shortcuts contest in collaboration with Red Bull Media. For links to resources and more information, check out the bottom of the page.

There are countless bands in South Africa who are not signed with any labels, and would jump at the idea of their music reaching a wider audience as part of their quest to attract the interest of the record labels.

LMG (Live Music Guide) covers almost all gigs that happen in the greater Cape Town region as well as Johannesburg. They do reviews on certain gigs that give insights into which bands might rock and others that don’t rock as much.

LMG release a free monthly magazine which can be found at most music venues and places like Marshall Music. See their latest issue at http://yourlmg.com/latest-issue/ or look at their Facebook page at

Once you find the music you like, contact the band (Google them, or search social media for them, particularly Facebook) and send them a note asking for permission to use their music. Another way in which you could source music is through a site called Creative Commons. Musicians release their songs under Creative Commons licenses which give you legal right to use their music in your videos. Check Creative Commons here: https://creativecommons.org/legalmusicforvideos

Do not use music by bands who are signed to a label, especially big labels like Sony, EMI and BMG. Google has a database of almost all music produced by major labels.

If you upload a video with a song from a major label, your video will be tagged as illegal and the video blocked. This could result in a bad reputation for the competition at music labels and we (Wavescape, and Red Bull Media) would like to steer clear of that for obvious reasons.

List of SOME South African Bands you might like to ask:

The Future Primitives
Rosemary Towns En
The Mysticcs
Red Huxley
The Anti Retro Vinyls

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Creative Commons:


South African music

LMG (Live Music Guide):



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