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Vudu Surf, started by Robby McDonald, has been making quality hand-shaped surfboards for local surfers and team riders in Cape Town for the last 10 years.

Our shaper, Jeremy Fowkes aka 'Jerm', has been shaping professionally for 14 years. With more than 4,000 hand-shaped Vudu surfboards, Jerm is known for his consistent rockers and clean outlines. Jerm has the amazing ability to perfectly copy any surfboard from classic retro single fins to Hawaiian big wave guns to your favourite high performance shortboard.

Our factory, based in Paarden Island, only use quality materials in Vudu surfboards and our experienced team of craftsmen carefully finish each surfboard to Robby’s high standard of quality, guaranteed. Our ding repair has a good turn around to get you back in the water asap.

Vudu Surf store, in Orange Street, Cape Town, is a unique core surf store managed by soul surfer, Archie.

Vudu is committed to providing you with the very best surf products at competitive prices and delivering our products with a consistency that will set new standards in the industry. We know what will work for you and will guarantee it.


We have a full range of new Vudu surfboards from fishes to minimals and shortboards to guns to suit all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. We can make you a custom Vudu surfboard within 10 days.


With the largest range of repaired used surfboards in Cape Town, you are bound to find a board that suits you and your pocket. Trade-ins and buy-ins gladly accepted.


We will keep you warm with a full size curve of top wetsuits, booties and gloves. We also have a large range of second-hand wetsuits and specialize in kid's wetsuits. We do trade-ins for sprouting kids, and we'll repair your surfboards so bring in your ding.


From wax to leashes to DVD’s we will look after your surfing.

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Robby McDonald
TEL: + 27 21 4260503
CELL: +27 83 5878886

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

60 Orange Street
Cape Town
South Africa





+1 #6 MissBianca 2014-09-28 09:51
Hi Guys,

Am looking for a beginner long board second hand. how do I go about getting the right board for my height and weight - or doesnt it really matter?

Any advice would be super helpful.
Thanks, Bianca
+1 #5 MsDiane 2014-02-15 19:53
Thank u guys sooooo much for helping my 13yr old Daniel this am (15th Feb) with wetsuit, surfing tips etc etc. You really went out of your way to assist him! He is super amped! And thanx to your mate Wayne who promised to meet him in the waves! U guys are AWESUM!!!!
+1 #4 koegies 2013-03-14 13:44
hi, i just want to know, what shortboards do you have and the prices, im a recently started surf and have 2 shortboards but i want a new 1, i want to feel like a surfer when its in my hands and i know its best to ask, you guys knows the best, a 6'2" will do, im 5'11" and have a 5'11" and 6ft.
oh and id like to know where i can let a board shape while im there, sounds fun and id like to shape n board for myself one day.. thanx for your time ;-)
+1 #3 amy 2013-01-02 20:15
hi there, i have a wetsuit ( worn twice) and second skin (never been worn) for a 9/10 year old that i want to trade in that would fit me now. I am almost 17. Please let me know how the process works and what are the costs involved. thank you x
robby mcdonald
+1 #2 robby mcdonald 2012-11-12 12:29
Quoting Bonita:
Hi there,

I am looking for a used 7ft surf board for my daughter who wants to try and surf.

Can you please tell me whether you have anything in stock and what it costs?

hi bonita i hope this reaches you , at the moment we have we only have new in that size going for R3250 for a clear board ,with a fin system ,we do have a large 6.8 fish board which would suit a beginner in second hand going for R2200 please call the shop on 0214260503 we could use more info on weight and ability to help you further keep surfing robby
0 #1 Bonita 2012-11-12 10:02
Hi there,

I am looking for a used 7ft surf board for my daughter who wants to try and surf.

Can you please tell me whether you have anything in stock and what it costs?

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