Tue, 26 November 2019

Cape Town's Jordy Maree was the first Saffa success today in cranking 6-8ft Sunset on Day 1 of the Vans World Cup of Surfing, with four other ous to come. Here's some photies.

Unfortunately, Dylan Lightfoot was elminated in the four-man heat format as a cooking 6-8ft swell hit the iconic North Shore beachbreak. Beyrick de Vries and Adin Masencamp will feature in their respective upcoming Round 2 heats - as part of the QS format that sees lower seeded surfers surfing from Round 1, while higher seeded surfers enter the event via Round 2 or 3.

All eyes will be on Matthew McGillivray who enters the last QS event of the year - another big 10,000 pointer - in Round 3. South African fans will be waiting on an imminent anncouncement that he has made the 2020 WSL Championship Tour. Freesurfing Mikey February can end his season with a bang too. He enters the event in Round 3.

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