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KS Photo Essay

Sun, 7 November 2010

Some images from the last year or so depict the ten time champion in his element, surfing hard in the best waves in the world interspersed with occasional bouts of hero worship, friendly distancing from over exuberance and generally living the life of a hero.

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SA paddles for AI

Sat, 6 November 2010

thumb_a-llandudno_Anton-Louw2Surfers around South Africa held paddle-out memorials for Hawaiian Andy Irons as his career nemesis Kelly Slater closed in on an unprecedented 10th world surfing title.

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War and Peace

thumb_20101012_9999_206Tue, 26 October 2010

Long Beach, the spot everyone loves to hate. Recently there has been a lot of venomous rhetoric under our Kommetjie cam as to the use of Long Beach for one too many contests, greedy longboarders hogging sets, infestation of boogers, wanna-be pro boys with egos bigger than Ju-Ju Malema snaking sets off everyone. Sadly this doesn’t paint a good picture of a lovely wave that breaks very consistently and has nurtured many of us onto the heavier sand bars around the peninsula. Fact is, Long Beach has always been crowed, it has always been used for contests and it will always attract a vast cross section of surfing traffic. If a picture paints a thousand words, then this slideshow by Long Beach local Simone Robb is the War and Peace of why we put up with it keep coming back for more.

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Pits and Pieces Vol 1

thumb_20100714_9999_55Mon, 18 October 2010

The debate rages on. The first in a few instalments of Pits or pieces of air, Simone Robb brings us images from all around Cape Town to as far a field as Plettenburg Bay. This one is mainly of the beast that drives us, the barrel, the greenroom, the tube, the PIT.

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Barrels or Boosts?

Kelly Slater charged hard. Photo ASP / Kirstin

Thu, 14 October 2010

What is the most impressive surfing manouvre: the boost, or the barrel? In the old days, airs were avoided, barrels were not, much. Nowadays, crazy aerial antics are de riguer. Names like sushi roll, superman and rodeo clown have vets like Rip Curl Pro Portugal winner Kelly Slater - aged 38 - pulling them off. But which is the more impressive? Which move gets you a ten nowadays? A combo? Here's comparative photo evidence from the last few days - boosts and barrels.

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Wild and Woolly Monday

thumb_20101011_9999_50Tue, 12 October 2010

Monday dawned wild and woolly in the grip of a late burst of winter. The swell had inflated overnight in the raging wind that lashed the Peninsula. Jake Kolnick, Jem Johnson and Jason Hayes took up the challenge in the Boland.
All photos by Simone Robb

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Parish of St Tudno


Thu, 7 October 2010

Pierre Hugo takes a break from the endless quest for beats and gets absorbed in a sun downer session in the bay of the African Parish of St Tudno. The surf was cranking and the setting sun gave the waves a surreal golden shimmer, with the gentle South East wind adding a fluff of Mother Nature’s artistic mastery, the elements were in place for any budding surf photographer to start drooling.

Die lug plaas

thumb_DPP_1007Tue, 5 October 2010

Caves was off its game most of the day, but as the sun started setting so the surfing took off. Inspired by the airshow at Ysterplaat, the locals decided to take to the air for a show of their own. Marcel Habets perched himself on the cliffs above ledges to bring us a unique angle of this famous wave.

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Keep on Truckin

thumb_20100930_9999_223Mon, 4 October 2010

Come on Summer. As we all wait the arrival of the Cape Doctor, ice cream headaches and bone crunching death pits along the Atlantic seaboard. Some folk aren’t just waiting; they are out there, putting in the hard yards. Like Dave Richards here, he sure did travel many, many yards inside this Hoek beast. Simone Robb was wise enough to keep her finger on the trigger to bring us the proof, all 11 frames of it.

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17 Seconds Away

thumb_IMG_2544Sun, 3 October 2010

A few weeks ago a 17 second ground swell pulsed the southwestern coastline of South Africa. It arrived early on a Saturday morning and lit up big wave locations up and down our coastline. Pierre Hugo missioned out of Cape Town to a lesser known point, and scored a memorable day in the company of a close-nit group of swell chasers.

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Slumtown Kegs

thumb_The_best_ones_usually_go_a_begging._Photo_by_StJohn_LombardThu, 30 September 2010

East London or Slummies as it is known, has so much more to it than Nahoon. Besides grinding beachbreaks crunching down over golden sands, it has gnarly reefs and slabs that offer an adrenalin rush to rival the best Cape Town has to offer. Rookie photog St John Lombard focused his lens on two such slabs.

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