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J-Bay Awakes

thumb_Garth_Robinson_riding_his_watermelonWed, 23 March 2011

The recent big swell was the first proper swell to ruffle J-Bays feathers in some time, and it gave Wavescape IT geek Paul van Jaarsveld the perfect opportunity to test out his new housing in some solid conditions.

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Fade to Black

thumb_BIMG_4080Tue, 22 March 2011Tues 22 March '11

As the light faded and the sun set over a dying swell in Slaapstad, Ian Thurtell missioned from frozen hollow beachbreaks to the urban sprawl of a city point that was offering the last blast of a dying swell.

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Dusk till Dawn

thumb_SIMG_8127-ws_0Thu, 17 March 2011

The bombing raid on the southwestern Cape continues as Marcel Habets and Stevo capture the assault on the Boland. Taking it in shifts, Marcel scoops the last light and Stevo forgets his coffee at home at first light. Bombs Away.

Crushed and Sorted

thumb_Ayeti2Wed, 16 March 2011

Ian Thurtell and Robin Taylor chase the scent of freshly ground swell from Llandudno to Sea Point and back. Big Barrels, gnarly wipeouts, clean-up sets and new discoveries were all waiting to be unearthed.

The Ides of March

thumb_BGPassionPop2Mon, 14 March 2011

The soothsayer's warning to Julius Caesar, "Beware the Ides of March," imbues the month with foreboding. For us, call it delicious expectation for what is coming. Brendan Gibbons and friends find innovative ways to pass the time before winter kicks in. Simone Robb saw the airshow.

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So it begins


Fri, 11 March 2011

A solid 6-8ft groundswell rolled into Cape Town yesterday. Brandon Kilbride slentered down the beach at Kommetjie to check out what was happening.

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Bunny Chow

thumb_15Wed, 9 March 2011

As the seasons change, Dawn O'Flaherty wraps up the action that has gone down on the Durban beachfront over the last few months. From ragged beasts to glassy small wave perfection, Surf City has been a non-stop hive of activity.

Irish Giant Killer


Mon, 7 March 2011

That man Conn Osborne captured the green mystique of majestic Mullagmore, the Irish wave that towers o'er ya average leprechaun like a giant killin' beast. Here be images from the Billabong/Monster Irish Big Wave Competition to make us green with envy in starving Surf Africa.

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Gorillas in the mist


Mon, 7 March 2011

Finding a wave when it's flat in Slaapstad isn’t a mission if you know where to drive. Ian Thurtell waited for the mist to lift and then shot the local crew who capitalised on the fact that the surf reports were calling it flat everywhere.

Slumtown Desparado


Mon, 7 March 2011

St John Lombard says Slumtown, East London has had the worst summer he's seen. These shots were taken at 3 spots on 3 days in the past 2 months. There's the ledge that shall not be named, there's a beach break that shall not be named, and there's Nahoon beach.

Get out the Kitchen

thumb_IMG_3416_1000x662Wed, 2 March 2011

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the Kitchen! Ian Thurtell did that on Tuesday. He escaped the hottest day of the year and cooled off in the refreshing waters of False Bay. What a perfect way to end the day.

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