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Fresh Produce

thumb_full2Wed, 2 February 2011

Building water-housings for cameras has its advantages in that it gives the maker time to experiment with different setups. Ian Thurtell takes time out from the resin and fibreglass to try out his new pole cam. The results are surprisingly refreshing and the tried and tested are reframed for a new perspective.

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Beautiful Day: Indo Bono


Mon, 24 January 2011

KAMPAR RIVER, Indonesia: U2 sang Beautiful Day, an ironic precursor to a day of days at the wave they call Bono. Antony Yep Colas, intrepid Maldives adventurer, bore-rider and author of World Stormriders Guide, gave Spike these pictures after releasing the story of how they tamed barrelling Bono, the best bore by far.

New School Retro II


Mon, 24 January 2011

More stunning images have rolled in from Simone Robb, who captures the naked antics of Catto aka Shark Boy, and sick barrels at the Rolling Retro with RVCA and Vudu Surf at Llandudno yesterday. Ian Thurtell shot amazing angles in the water.

New School Retro


Sun, 23 January 2011

The Rolling Retro with RVCA and Vudu enjoyed three foot turquoise pearlers at Llandudno yesterday. A cultural feast of bad hair, crazy fashion and old school moves off the 'Patch' and the 'Shack', two iconic spots steeped in local history. Pierre Marqua endured a day of sun to capture these unique images.

Fear Factor


Wed, 19 January 2011

Last weekend saw the first pulse of a solid groundswell hit the Cape Peninsula. Stevo shot a spot gnarly in many ways: hectic paddle out, heavy open ocean waves, barnacle-encrusted slab and lank big sharks. On a fear factor scale of 1-10, this place is a 10. Those who surf there know where it is, the rest of us wonder.

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Right Around the Bend


Fri, 14 January 2011

The southeaster is back, driving surfers right around the bend. Jordy Smith and a media mob pulled in. So did seasoned locals, the odd pilot and hordes of just-finished-school bodyboarders. Many barrels where ridden. The vibe was congenial, barring a drop-in by a guy who allegedly bragged he was going to do it. Simone Robb jostled with the circus.

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40 degrees in the shade


Thu, 13 January 2011

Last week, temperatures sky-rocketed and the waves fired. From the Deep South to the Weskus, the ocean offered a cool alternative to fire baked sands. Jordy Smith and his mates camped out at Llandudno and did what they do best; blow everyone away with their brand of red hot surfing. Brandon Kilbride, fresh off the plane from Oz, got the photos. What a way to start 2011.

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On the Nightshift


Mon, 10 January 2011

As the sun set over Camps Bay, the first week of 2011 ended with a beach party the Mother City seldom sees. The Red Bull Nightshift went into overdrive and the man who conceptualised it Jordy Smith, as well as Travis Logie and Royden Bryson, tripped the light fantastic. Pierre Marqua got wings for a tricky photoshoot. Shot to Red Bull and Oakley.

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Summer Loving


Wed, 5 January 2011

And we are back! After a lovely little break to open presents and drink too much (without driving anywhere) we are slowly plugging in, switching on and embracing the reality of 2011 only to go mind surfing in cyberspace with an opening  slideshow of what summer is all about. Simone Robb slapped on some sunscreen and survived the heat wave to capture these smoking hot images.

An Early Xmas Gift


Wed, 29 December 2010

Don’t you love it when Santa arrives early? Christmas Eve 2010 served up a solid portion of early gifts for the lucky few who happened to be at Kalk Bay on the day before Christmas. The wind dropped and the swell grew. Pierre Marqua managed to get out of the office by late morning, by 2pm he clocked up enough tube time to see out the day and by 4pm he had filled a 2 gig card with sublime water images of the changing of the guard.

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Finger on the pulse

thumb_DeenagainTue, 21 December 2010

It’s late Sunday afternoon and the wind has finally dropped. A fresh batch of groundswell has sneaked under the radar and unloads over a sandbar that has had weeks of grooming. Simon Robb as usual has her finger on the pulse and captures a few old school weekend warriors and the new school rippers as they scramble to reap the rewards of being in the right place at the right time.

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Jordy Smith dropped to #3 on the world rankings after his 8th position at the Freshwater Pro presented by Outerknow… https://t.co/RkKrfhoQKl
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The Bali Adaptive Pro saw adaptive surfing come of age at a proper Indo reef break. @janetheard was there. Link in… https://t.co/e8rzGup7at
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