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Manic Monday

thumb_Dungeons_hafeez_02Fri, 26 August 2011

3 Spots, 4 photographers, 1 massive swell and 1 crazy day. Monday the 22 saw one of the best days in Cape Town this winter. As a 19ft swell running at 15 seconds pounded the coast, the brave were treated to a lesson in King Neptune’s power and Mother Natures beauty.

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Going Bananas

thumb_davey_weare_03Wed, 24 August 2011

Cape Town went balls to the wall last weekend. Durban went bananas. Perfect waves wrapped into New Pier and the usual town suspects were all over it. Blaize Bailey made the most of the low light to capture the late winter action.

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Dungeons Paddle Respect


Mon, 22 August 2011

Feast your eyes on these paddle bombs on the 3rd Rebel Session in monstrous surf at Dungeons today. Apparently there were more than a few guys being quite particular about which wave they paddled for. Some outside bombs were 30ft, but no-one quite managed to hook one. See the story.

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Chopes Stirs

KerrTahiti11BBSR1_0516tgMon, 22 August 2011

See all the photos of Chopes as she stirred for Round 1 of the Billabong Pro Tahiti with a 4-6' swell that looks like the warmup for some gnarly 12' surf predicted for the end of the week.

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Mega Sessions

RebelSess-Two_21Aug-thMon, 22 August 2011

A solid 25-30' swell hit Cape Town yesterday afternoon, courtesy of a gigantic storm that peaked on Friday night. The second Rebel Sessions took place at Dungeons in gnarly ocean conditions. But wait, there's more! Swell peaks this morning, today.

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Sitting on the Fence

thumb_wavescape-7363Thu, 18 August 2011

Port Elizabeth’s famous break Fence was epic for three straight days. Rory Jones swims out to catch the tail end of a perfect east swell. The who’s who of the windy city popped out of the woodwork to score.

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Wine and Waves


Thu, 18 August 2011

Wine ous love the beach as Thys Lombard proves in his photos of the Rip Curl Vintner's Surf Classic held last weekend at Kakgat near Stilbaai in the Boland. Full report.

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Wacky West Weekend

thumb_08Wed, 17 August 2011

Jacob Mellish and Ian Thurtell had one of those weekends. Saturday was spent trying new concepts off the harbour wall in Hout Bay and Sunday was all serious for the West Coast Board-riders Contest that was held at Big Bay.

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Bloodscan water shots

thumb_DSC_5185Wed, 17 August 2011

Some fun watershots of the Bloodscan Surf Series that concluded on the weekend at Kitchen Windows in Jeffrey's Bay. Paul van Jaarsveld took his camera for a swim and got a little closer to the action. See full report here.

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Late Light Juice


Sun, 14 August 2011

The Kom crew have been scoring some epic late winter surf around the Cape Peninsula. Simone Robb sends us her latest update from the sun-washed shores of Cape Town's southern most fishing village late in the day.

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Reflections of JBay


Fri, 12 August 2011

We return to the last two days of the Billabong Pro J-Bay for a slideshow by lensmen Marcel Habets and Ian Thurtell. They capture the mood, from the chunky last day, to the perfection of the penultimate, from the misty shine of rain to the excitement of the win.

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