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Mega Junior Slideshow


Tue, 2 August 2011

The penultimate stop of the Bloodscan Surf Series 2011 was held on Sunday 31 July at Pipe, PE. This is the mega highlights, including photos from the U17 Girls finals. All photos by Paul van Jaarsveld and jbaysurfphotography.com. Read the story that relate to these images here: Grommets go big

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Grom patrol


Mon, 1 August 2011

Simone Robb is the opposite of the traditional soccer mom; she is the den mother of the young surf clan that is growing up in Kommetjie. Here is some of the after school action from the summer month of July.

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A bowl of Special K

thumb_21Wed, 27 July 2011

The sleepy little fishing village of Kalk Bay played host to another successful Kalk Bay Shootout. The waves might have not come to the party like they did in 2008, but there were enough bowls and barrels to run the event and in the end a memorable fun day was had by all.

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The Day that Was

thumb_00Sun, 24 July 2011

After the previous day’s disappointment, Supertubes awoke to cranking 4-6ft lines rolling in from the Horizon. It was finally here and J-Bay went into full contest mode. Ian Thurtell dug himself in to capture the day’s action.

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The Day that Wasn't


Fri, 22 July 2011

Today was a day of hit and miss. The contest was called on, then after 20 minutes into the first heat, it was called off. The frustration was palatable. Ian Thurtell and Marcel Habets took shifts on the boardwalk to make the most of a bad situation.

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Radical Round 2

thumb_10Thu, 21 July 2011

Round two of the Billabong Pro finally kicked at 10am off as a small swell trickled into J-Bay. Ian Thurtell made his way to the land of aloes and chokka and capitalised on the powerful display as the Pro shot the curl down at Supertubes.

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Behind the Scenes

thumb_10_Jack_Parow-Jared-AufrichtigThu, 21 July 2011

Artist and surfer Jared Aufrichtig missions in the shadows of J-Bay waiting for the Billabong Pro to kick up a beat. The surf has been sad but there has been a lot going down, both on and off the beach.

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Masters of Mayhem

thumb_IMG_0054Wed, 20 July 2011

Brendon Gibbens and Dean Hill take on a playful point break an hour out of Cape Town. Simone Robb hid in the boot to document this session of new school wizardry.

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Billabong Pro Day 2

Travis LogieMon, 18 July 2011

The much anticipated Round 2 started today, with strong South African representation due to Kelly Slater and Bobby Martinez being replaced. It was incredible to see how surfers at this level can come up with scores like 7.0 and 8.9 in the conditions. Paul van Jaarsveld and Cristina Rovere captured the action. Click here for the full story

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Indian summer

thumb_IMG_0580Sun, 17 July 2011

Cape Town is having an epic summer. Problem is, this is winter. Hurley's Jordan Alexander and Ian Thurtell make the most of it at a city ledge usually reserved for the summer months from November to March.

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thumb_D5_jon_jon_in_deepSun, 17 July 2011

In the midst of this winter doldrum, stoked grom Blaize Bailey, 14, sent us a Mr Price Pro flashback - images of an event that set the interweb on fire a few weeks back, with some surfers calling it the best contest surf in a long long time, anywhere.

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