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Ballito Barrel Fest

thumb_FrankieOberholzer0153ballito11cestari_lTue, 5 July 2011

Day one of the Mr Price Pro went bananas. Glassy barrels and red hot action dominated the sleepy KZN holiday town. What more could a contest want? All images by Kelly Cestari. 

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Whip my boogie

thumb_29062011_TowIns_0486Thu, 30 June 2011

Justin Klusner hooks up with a couple of nutter boogers and their Jet Ski pilot down the coast and far from the shark nets. Between passing shoals of sardines they get whipped into the waves and learn to fly. Safer up there than in the water I guess.

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Winter's Summer

thumb_IMG_7808_800x579Wed, 29 June 2011

Photographer Ian Thurtell switches to the hunting grounds of summer in the middle of winter. The winds have played hide and seek, but epic Cape sandbars still offer gnarly bowls and perfect launch ramps for those in the know.

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Super Size Me

thumb_24-june-2011-8gb-2-big-swell-007Mon, 27 June 2011

Durban got super-sized big time last week. Photographer Dawn O'Flaherty dodges the foamballs engulfing the piers to capture the local crew at play in an angry ocean.

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Winter Wonderland

thumb_IMG_6654Mon, 27 June 2011

To a backdrop of snow capped mountains, Simone Robb charged up and down the Peninsula freezing moments in time as another all time weekend unleashed itself on the Cape of Storms.

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Big Wave Baggies


Fri, 24 June 2011

It was baggies and barrels in Durban yesterday during a grinding SE swell that hit 12 feet at times. A friend sent us these shots. Some call him Pigdog, others refer to him as Surfpig. He's a legend on our T-shirt.

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It's a Wrap


Fri, 24 June 2011

This selection of shots sums up the beauty of the Cape between raging storm swells and severe bouts of winter weather. Ian Thurtell sent us this wrap of the surf around the Cape Peninsula before the current burst of stormy mayhem.

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Another 48hrs


Mon, 20 June 2011

The weekend saw False Bay heave heavy water in a winter wonderland. Kalk Bay Reef was the centre of attention as the ferocious left hander downloaded over the very shallow reef. Ian Thurtell joined the throngs for the next 48 hours of surf photography heaven.

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Super Slumtown


Wed, 15 June 2011

The recent floods wrought havoc in East London, but they created a Super Bank at a beach not famous for being a world class surf spot. However, the sand and silt washed down the river changed all that. StJohn Lombard sidestepped the debris to shoot the locals making hay before the sand shifts.

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Spy vs Spy

thumb_Gunter-Schultz16Wed, 15 June 2011

Canon vs Nikon; Marcel Habets vs Stevo at a cranking lefthander in the Boland, the only wave that worked here on Sunday. The winner was Gunter Schultz who walked away with two angles of every wave he caught.

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Banana Jam

thumb_01062011_SCoast_0008Tue, 7 June 2011

A piece of paradise far from the piers. Doesn't matter what you ride, this is perfection. Justin Klusner connects with the Factory 7 crew and scores. Other than the boys that were out they didn’t encounter another soul that day. Sob.

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