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Weekend Warriors

thumb_MH0_2612Fri, 3 February 2012

It’s the weekend baby! It’s time for all the desk jockeys and cubicle slaves to slap on the sun block and hit the beach with a vengeance. Marcel Habets tests out the new Nikon rig on the other side of False Bay last weekend.

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So much for Funso.


Mon, 30 January 2012.

After weeks of waiting, Funso’s swell finally arrived in Durban on the weekend. With every old local dashing back to Surf City for the swell of the year, Funso was an anti-climax, but the waves were good. Dawn Rouse took time out from shooting the QE2 to capture the charnas charging New Pier.

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Smoke on the water

thumb_IMG_7628-2Tue, 24 January 2012

Ian Thurtell took a swim at the Rolling Retro 2012 to document all the cool cats and hipsters pulling off moves that sum up the surfing eras in unusually warm water off Llandudno. See the story by Spike here and another slideshow by Brenton Geach here

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Rolling Stones


Mon, 23 January 2012

Brenton Geach captures the essence of a fine day on the beach at the Rolling Retro held in Llandudno on Saturday. From classic to modern, and everything inbetween, this slideshow has it all. See story by Spike here

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Rotor Blades

thumb_IMG_0551BGsunsetpuntTue, 17 January 2012

What do you get when you cross a helicopter and a Kommetjie surfer? Brendon Gibbens, that’s what. Simone Robb captures the action frame by frame as Brendon and friends turn their boards into rotor blades and fly away.

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Good old Murphy

thumb_Cato-getting-a-thick-oneMon, 16 January 2012

The whole summer holiday, the winds were wrong and the swell was on vacation. The first week of the new work year starts and guess what happens. It’s cooking bru! Ian Thurtell got stuck in his office to bring us the proof that Murphy is a cruel joker.

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Good things must end

thumb_IMG_2884-TomKingTue, 10 January 2012

Yesterday was the last day of freedom for many, schools go back and the office cubicle is looming. Alan Robb made the most of the stunning Cape weather to capture the end of the holiday as it unfolded down at Long Beach.

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Boland Betties

thumb_Bettys-03Mon, 9 January 2012

As the New Year arrived so did an unseasonal North Wind. Those in the know capitalised on the wintery conditions and scored waves where there shouldn’t have been. Marcel Habets took the photos.

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Where is summer

thumb_dave-richards-floats2Fri, 6 January 2012Friday, 06 January 2012

2012 kicks off with the question of where is summer?  Sure the beaches are packed with tourists and you can’t move at the malls without encountering a GP 4x4 but what has happened to the Cape Doctor? Ian Thurtell takes the first swim of the year at a wobbly beachbreak down south.

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Shark Film Premiere

IMG_9602-thFri, 16 December 2011

See the slideshow from last night's world premiere of Surfing and Sharks produced by Wavescape and screened to more than 250 people in two cinemas at the Labia Cinema in Cape Town last night. See the story here

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Home from home

thumb_see-thru-roosta2Wed, 14 December 2011

Andrew Lange, or Roosta, is featured in not one but two films at this year's Wavescape Film Festival, namely The Africa Project and Surfing and Sharks. Ian Thurtell submitted these crystal shots of the surfer in the spotlight playing in his home away from home.

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