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Shooting surfing has to be one of the hardest professions in the world, considering the fact that the elements, sand, salt, and sea spray can destroy cameras in seconds, the financial reward isn’t great and you miss out on sessions to capture your mates having fun. So, what drives these nutters with expensive toys?  More often that none there is a bigger picture to that of the surf photographer. It’s about a passion for the ocean and everything associated with it. Brandon Kilbride, who is based in Fish Hoek, sent us a stunning cross section of his work, where he proves to us there is a lot more than just freezing time around dudes in tight rubber with fibre glass sticks. What follows is a sneak peak into his files of images of surf, wind, wildlife and natural beauty.

To view out more of Brandons work, have a look at his Facebook fan page.


Pierre Maqua
0 #1 Pierre Maqua 2010-11-22 14:47
Seriously, those sharks give me the heeby jeebies
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Exquisite hues of the ocean blue https://t.co/Dhl3XDcZcE
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