thumb_20101117_9999_20Mon, 29 November 2010Monday 29 Mo-vember 2010

According the new school, onshore is the new offshore, according to me, when its been flat for the past 3 weeks, I will pretty much surf anything, even if anything is a combination of mushy closeouts, swarms of blue bottles and the ever lurking presence of the man in the grey suit. Last week False Bay got whipped up into an onshore soup bowl and it was just what the Cape Doctor ordered with surfers from all over the peninsula making the mission to the chop suey main course at Kalk Bay. Simone Robb got out of the wind and enjoyed some beers at the Bell while capturing the action.


Rob Hope
0 #2 Rob Hope 2010-12-09 14:19
Pic 12+13 is Naul from Bergvliet.
Paul van Jaasveld
0 #1 Paul van Jaasveld 2010-11-29 10:14
Josh Salie pic looks great
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Exquisite hues of the ocean blue https://t.co/Dhl3XDcZcE
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