Tue, 24 September 2019

The longboard lineup at Muizies, our surfing nursery, gets busy these days. While shooting these photos, Grant Scholtz noticed a few leashless people. Is it retro cool, or just dangerous?


Anton Louw
+1 #1 Why are we even discussing this?Anton Louw 2019-09-27 13:44
It's not at all cool to be unleashed at muizenberg. If you are at an uncrowded point, or alone somewhere - then fine, go unleashed. But at berg in amongst all the kids, rookies, surfschools, etc with no defined channel and general chaos - it's just stupid. you're a kook. You should be be held up for GBH if there's an accident.
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See you there tweeps! https://t.co/E3brSobrt7
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Red hot video from @vans66_za of our opening night on Saturday! #wavescapefestival #oceansalive #surffilms #capetown https://t.co/sE3jDLXhIe
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