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Social Distancing


Mon, 16 March 2020

Some Cape Town surfers have taken President Ramaphosa's words to heart, deciding to self isolate some distance from the nearest semblance of society. Gallery by Grant Scholtz.

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Best of 2019 - Gallery 2


Tue, 10 March 2020

Here is another edition of the best Red Bull photos from 2019 around the world in an amazing array of crazy feats, daring acts and magic moments of global adventure: Part 2 of 5.

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Freddie Should Go!


Fri, 6 March 2020

Eddie Aikau inspires, and the phrase that bears his name intrinsically describes, human endeavour. Neil Bradfield is here to tell us, in words and photos, that Freddie (you) should go.

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Leg Slide


Mon, 24 February 2020

Steve Sawyer made it to the Round of 16 of the Noosa Longboard Open. A women's event also forms part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, with even a canine component! Here's a gallery.

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All Over It


Tue, 18 February 2020

There have been some decent waves in Durban of late, fuelled by tropical storm activity off the East Coast, and the locals have been all over it, especially over it. Gallery by Dawn Rouse.

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Top Turns Down Under


Mon, 17 February 2020

Newcastle - the one in Oz - cooked on the weekend for the nudie Australian Boardriders Battle, with local WSL CT surfers letting loose before the year begins. Here's the gallery.

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Fear Squared


Wed, 12 February 2020

This gallery of photos tries valiantly to capture the carnage and brutality of a giant swell that catapulted up the Nazure canyon to explode beneath those iconic cliffs. Butt clenching stuff!

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Best of 2019 - Gallery 1


Thu, 23 January 2020

Here are the top Red Bull photos taken in 2019 from around the world. A few are surfing, but many are just crazy feats, daring acts and magic moments on this great earth: Part 1 of 7.

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Tiny Tubular Times


Fri, 27 December 2019

Icy Cape Town waters are known to the intrepid few who get tubed in tiny summer surf. Here's a mega gallery from the recent Llandudno event from Liam Wood and Sean Thompson

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Jaws Drops


Fri, 13 December 2019

Paige Alms and Billy Kemper won the Jaw Big Wave Championships early today. Grant Twiggy Baker just missed the semis after a tightly contested heat. Here's a highlights gallery.

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Backdoor Dreaming


Fri, 13 December 2019

The Rock has been firing for the opening rounds of the final event of the CT season. Here's a mega-gallery that highlights the first two days of absolutely epic 6-10 foot Pipeline.

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