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Light Sabre Saturday


Mon, 27 March 2017

This gallery highlights one of the best surfing days at Llandudno near Cape Town in ages. It so happened that it was the day of the Rolling Retro. Photos Ian Thurtell. Drone shots Michael Veldtman.

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Day 1 Lightey Highlights


Sun, 26 March 2017

Cooking surf at Pollock Beach in PE greeted the groms surfing in event #1 of the Billabong Junior Series. Clean crisp offshores always make for nice photos. Gallery by Kody McGregor.

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Walking on Water


Fri, 24 March 2017

The PNG longboard champs are over, and Saffas Steezy Sawyer, Matthew Moir and Alfonso Peters are out, so as consolation we offer these beautiful shots from the women's event.  

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Grom Games Gallery


Mon, 20 March 2017

Here's a gallery of shots from the 25th Billabong South African Grommet Games underway at Pollock Beach in Nelson Mandela Bay until tomorrow. Grant  Scholtz was in the hood.

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Up Side Your Head


Thu, 16 March 2017

And the wheels begin to turn once more. Here's a highlights gallery from the first events on the 2017 tour: Quik Pro Gold Coast and Roxy Pro Gold Coast on the .... er ... you guessed right. 

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Magnificent Monday


Mon, 13 March 2017

For a time early today, Durban was the best its been in years. Surfers feasted on Cyclone Enawo's spoils as the piers produced perfection. Pics Nic Aberdein and Dawn Rouse

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Massive Swell Pummels KZN


Mon, 13 March 2017

Cyclone Enawo, as predicted, ground out giant swell and yesterday Durban battened the hatches and got barrelled in the beachfront bombardment. Pics Nic Aberdein and Dawn Rouse.

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Highlights from a Heroic Passage


Fri, 10 March 2017

Here are photo highlights of the momentous 4000 mile journey by Chris Bertish and the raucous wall of euphoria that met him on his arrival in Antigua. Photos: Bertish Bros

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First Thursday


Fri, 3 March 2017

Former champ Shaun Tomson popped into First Thursday at Keep it Simple Surf in Cape Town yesterday, saying howzit to Ricky Basnett and RVCA, while testing some Wavescape Wine. Gallery RVCA.

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Two Chargers


Thu, 2 March 2017

Two world title big wave chargers: Twiggy Baker and Paige Alms, standing tall, side by side, on a huge Jaws wall each to rival the other. Highlights of the year. A gallery courtesy WSL

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Daughter of the Sun


Thu, 23 February 2017

Just a little gallery of the Anditi Women’s Pro (QS6000) in Australia yesterday, featuring Bianca Buitendag, who is fighting through the QS ranks to reclaim her place on the dream tour.

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A chilly offshore wind and thumping 4-6' sea at Llandudno greeted the 12 brave souls who joined hands early on ... https://t.co/ginvcboKuD
It was third time lucky for the Rolling Retro specialty surfing get-together, which ran on Saturday in absolute... https://t.co/YhdIB0mvvL

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