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Sat, 11 June 2016

We're down to the business end of the JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA in cranking 4-6' lines at Supertubes in Jeffrey’s Bay, with the semi-finalists decided.

Supertrial AlanvanGysen-0117

THREESOME: The surfers woke up to what they were hoping for. Photo AVG

The wind held up, and the swell jacked overnight as a strong surge of SW wind broke away from a giant storm in the deep, off the Antarctic iceshelf. That means that as we move into the semis, the swell should be more consistent with 6'+ sets feasible as the direction goes more south. The semifinalists read like a list of whos who in SA surfing. Whose your money on?

Heat 1
Steven Sawyer
Slade Prestwich
Dale Staples
Ryan Payne

Heat 2
Sean Holmes
Dylan Lightfoot
Dave van Zyl
Matt McGillivray


Heat 1: 1 Steven Sawyer, 2 Slade Prestwich, 3 Greg Emslie, 4 Beyrick de Vries
Heat 2: 1 Dale Staples, 2 Ryan Payne, 3 Dan Redman, 4 Remi Peterson
Heat 3: 1 Sean Holmes, 2 Dylan Lightfoot, 3 Matt Bromley, 4 Shaun Payne
Heat 4: 1 Dave van Zyl, 2 Matt McGillivray, 3 Mikey February, 4 Simon Fish

Heat 1: 1 Greg Emslie, 2 Dan Redman, 3 Jordy Maree, 4 Dylan Stone
Heat 2: 1 Remi Peterson, 2 Stever Sawyer, 3. Joshe Faulkner, 4. Calvin Goor
Heat 3: 1 Matt Bromley, 2 Simon Fish, 3 Ricky Basnett, 4 Warren Dean
Heat 4: 1 Dave Van Zyl, 2 Sean Holmes, 3 Brandon Jackson, 4 Sebastian Williams

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