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Mon, 30 May 2016

Dan Redman is a stand-out in big Supertubes. He recently got a last-minute invite into the JBU Supertrial Presented by RVCA, where he's been before. He spoke to Craig Jarvis.


SUPERS STANDOUT: His mom says he deserves it. Pic Quiksilver SA / Luke Patterson Imagery

So tell us Daniel, were you surprised to get the last minute call-up for the JBU Supertrial?
Definitely was a surprise. I didn't expect the selectors to add another four surfers to the list. Pretty sure it's safe to say we were all pleasantly surprised to get the late inclusion. Pleasantly might be under exaggerated.

Do you think you deserve to be included?
That will always be a questionable question. I think everyone in the list deserves to be in there but there is also another five to six guys who didn't crack an invite who would give everyone in the list a good run for their money. My mom reckons I deserve it, so I guess that counts for something.

What is the dims of your favoutite Supers board?
I got a Bilt 5'10.5 squash tail that will be kept on ice until the event. Rest of the board's dimensions I'm unsure of

Who is the best goofyfooter you have ever seen at Supers and why?
Best live goofy JBay performance I've ever witnessed would have to be Nathan Hedge's performance when the event was a six star

It was in 2012 – check the wave here

Pretty sure he also finished runner up in one of the WCT events. Bobby Martinez and of course Occy are two other names you can't forget out there.

Have you been doing any training for the event?
Well I only found out this week I was in the event so I haven't been given a world of time to get fit. Currently googling get-fit quick programs.

Can you surf switch foot?
I can surf switch but you wouldnt catch me trying to make my way into world championship event surfing switch. Maybe a switch foot speciality event on the side line would be nice a addition. Get to at least surf Supers on my forehand and turn the tables on the regular foots

How do remain calm when surfing a tense heat?
I've always got to tell myself that there's no point in getting tense in years because that is one way I will land up with the spectators. It doesn't usually work out in mushy beach breaks but on a wave of quality like Supers it gets far easier. You can focus on the wave and your natural ability instead of worrying about bouncing around and wiggling from one section to the next. Not exactly a fan of bouncing and wiggling.

The Supertrial forms part of the JBay Winterfest, the sporting and music festival that will take place in Jeffreys Bay from 6-17 July. The JBU Supertrial is presented by RVCA. Co-sponsors include Monster Energy, Stance, Oakley. Wavescape is the media partner. The event is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa and the World Surf League. Check the Facebook event page and join in the fun.

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