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People in red. Protestors line the streets outside the Japanese Embassy in Cape Town. Photo: SpikeThu, 14 October 2010

CAPE TOWN: A small group of vocal protestors against the killing and captivity of dolphins swelled into a throng of 300+ angry Capetonians today as they lined the road at the foot of the Heerengract Building that houses the Japanese Embassy. The rally was organised by Bahia Fitchen of Save Japan Dolphins South Africa at the behest of the makers of the Cove (Oscar winning documentary exposing the mass-scale slaughter of dolphin at Taiji, Japan, and also the nefarious role played by aquaria and theme parks in the trafficking of live dolphin).

Proceedings got a noisy boost when blood-covered, wetsuit-clad surfers Conn and Greg Bertish arrived with a wind-up electronic siren that blasted a strident message up at the windows of the embassy. Cars hooted in support as the protestors, wearing red, thronged around the them, handing out pamphlets and getting signatures for a petition. The petition was handed to embassy officials at 2pm. The protest was mirrored at Japanese embassies around the world today.

Bahia Fitchen chats to Spike at the rally:


0 #1 Charlie 2010-10-15 10:47
Awesome work from Conn and The Surfer's Call! Hating that I couldn't be there but proud to be a part of this initiative. If we as Surfer's don't take a stand, who will? Well done to all involved!
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