Tue, 28 April 2020

Meanwhile, on TV "Donald Trump's pale eyelids glow like gravestones" - all in Episode 2 of Poynton Shute’s Coronavirus Novel every Tuesday, by the inimitable Andy Mason.

In a beachfront flat overlooking Muizenberg’s Surfers Corner, locked down and washed up photojournalist and New Planet TV vlogger Poynton Shute goes from mindsurfing waves - due to the novel coronavirus - to writing a coronavirus novel.

Through his window is an idyllic panorama devoid of humans. On his other three screens the world has gone frikken' bezerk as it confronts the 4 Horsemxn of the Apocalypse!

Part space opera, part socio-political satire and part philosophical lobotomy, it’s a story about a creature-centric cosmic quest to decode the meaning of a formula encrypted in a sequence of messages from Earth to its inhabitants.

Poynton is convinced that these geo-physical messages have gone viral as a last-resort to wake up the human race, who are paying attention at last. Encoded in the messages, he believes, is a set of instructions that can save the planet. But as he begins his research, Poynton is sucked into a fierce current of conflicting versions of what was once The Truth. He drifts towards an invisible event horizon, into the Black Hole of Yadayaddayadda, from which there is no escape!


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