No. 15: Surfing seafarers

Sunday Argus, Cape Town, 20 April 2008

Surfers have a lot to offer other seafarers. Because of a single-minded obsession with waves, surfers have taken the analysis of ocean data to new levels of accuracy. By Spike

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So long J-Bay

jodi-thTue, 22 July 2014

Our resident surf widow, the stunning Ms Jodi Leza, is trying to figure out how to fit all the new stuff into one small bag as she packs up and signs off her J Bay Surf Widow Series.

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Full House

curren-thFri, 18 July 2014

Living with a surfer is one thing; living with a whole bunch of them is something else. Our resident surf widow, Jodi Leza, takes over as the mother hen in the Zigzag house in JBay.

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Lay Day Solutions

layday-thTue, 15 July 2014

A lay day in surfing terms means a day of rest, but to a surf widow it’s a day of me time and adventure. Jodi Leza tackles the other side of Jeffreys Bay, the one that makes a bloke's back hurt, and a woman's pulse race faster, yes, we are talking about going shopping.

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Eye candy

swd-1-thFri, 11 July 2014

Day one of the JBay open went off with a perfect ten, a corrupt flip and a fair bit of eye candy on the competitor’s deck to keep Jodi Leza perfectly amused as Ian ran around snapping away. Here is the surf widows behind the scenes look at the first day of competition.

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JBay Here we come!

jbay-jodi-1-thWed, 9 July 2014

So what does a surf widow do when the circus is in town? Hop on and enjoy the ride of course! Jodi Leza has joined her man, photographer Ian Thurtell on the mission to J-Bay and will be covering the J-Bay Open in her own unique way.

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Subliminal motivation


Thu, 8 May 2014

Blogger, Jodi Leza packs her bags in anticipation of trip to Bali. In the latest instalment of her Surf Widow Diaries she brings us part two of her insights in dealing with a family mission to the land of the lefts.

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Lost in translation


Fri, 14 March 2014

It's handguns at dawn as Jodi Leza tackles the difference between the surfer chick and the surf widow after a conflict that saw the humour dissolve in the shorebreak of a foamy wipeout.

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Saved by a wave

tim-thTue, 21 January 2014

Apish Tshetsha catches up with a survivor of a mob justice attack. With a little bit of love Vuyani "Dimza" Makebe's life has been transformed by the beach and Waves for Change.

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Picture This

ian-thWed, 8 January 2014

In her new year edition of Surf Widow Diaries, Jodi Leza looks at life this side of the lens, and the highs and lows of dating a man obsessed with shooting salt-encrusted people in tight rubber (Ian Thurtell).

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Gripes 'n Wipes


Tue, 5 November 2013

After the huge surf in Portugal, Simon SAYS that wiping out is an under appreciated skill (Laird) but hey at least Carlos Burle was able to have a relaxing break by sharing an underwater cuppa with uncle Davy Jones.

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Moment of Truth

blog8-waves-620-thThu, 19 September 2013

And now, the moment of truth. Where did Conn and Greg Bertish go in the Indian Ocean to score these classic waves? Oh and the spot is named Nasser Point even though Greg earned naming rights with this kiff little tucker up.

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Spots Unearthed!

blog7-620-thWed, 11 September 2013

Just as a new wave in Angola goes viral, here's another discovery on the other side of Africa! In the Indian Ocean, the Bertish brus find a super fun pointbreak in the midle of nowhere. Where have they been! Guess! Comment below please.

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Murmurs of Swell

chasingmoon620-thTue, 10 September 2013

Ah ha. So there ARE waves here. Only 1,140kms from Joburg. The mystery surf odyssey into the Indian Ocean begins to unravel, in the form of reef-cracking peelers, for brothers Conn and Greg Bertish.

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Uncut Diamonds!

IndianOcean620-thMon, 9 September 2013

The Bertish brothers find some uncut diamonds on their mission deep into the Indian Ocean. Diamonds are rocks, and rocky reefs surround these islands. Where the heck are they?

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Found One!

blog4b-620-thWed, 4 September 2013

Finally the intrepid Bertish brus fly towards their mystery destination. Some atolls, a few reefs, definitely tropical, and swell direction is key. mmmm now where on earth could they possibly be?

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Surf Near Nairobi?

bertishblog3 620-thWed, 4 September 2013

A gruelling flight through Africa, planes stuck together with tape, a customs hall comprising a tent on the tarmac? All part of the mystery surf odyssey into the Indian Ocean for brothers Conn and Greg Bertish.

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Mad Swell Swing

chasingblog-620-thMon, 2 September 2013

Could the surf look like this, despite kiff swell charts for Conn and Greg Bertish as they embark on their mystery surf odyssey into the Indian Ocean? They're starting to wish they packed Spike in their suitcase.

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Mystery Mission!

IndianOcean620-thFri, 30 August 2013

Brothers Conn and Greg Bertish are about to embark on a mysterious surf odyssey of the Indian Ocean. They will be sending a daily blog of their adventure, but where are they going? Clues are coming, day by day.

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Surf Trip Food

christelle-620-thTue, 27 August 2013

In her first Surf Nutrition blog on Wavescape, food guru Christelle Crickmore tells us how to eat on surf trips. How, after all that cash, can we get the best waves possible as often as we can for like 10 days straight? Easy!

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Snazzy SA Blow Up

gina smith-620-thMon, 10 June 2013

In her second blog from Nicaragua, SA girls captian Gina Smith describes the opening day of the Dakine ISA World Junior Surfing Championship presented by Billabong.

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Juniors Warm Up

pre-event-surf1-620-thFri, 7 June 2013

Captain of the girls SA national team, Gina Smith, writes her first exclusive blog for Wavescape from the World Juniors in Nicaragua after four days of recovery from a monster two-day travel.

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Toon 29: Winderlee

tyler30 26-May-13-thSun, 26 May 2013

The kelp lice are cannoned skyward by a bomb and propelled by Speko through the space time continuum into wistful wind driven Winderlee, a planet with soul.

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Changing Waves

WomensDay-620-thTue, 7 May 2013

Torn apart by gang violence and the rigours of township life, surfing is turning around the lives of several Khayelitsha kids, writes Tim Conibear, who heads up the Waves for Change Progamme in Cape Town and the surrounding area.

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Thank God for Aircon

jodi-bali-thThu, 7 March 2013

Being a surf widow, or in the case of this column, a surf orphan, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you get to go to far off exotic locations and explore strange new cultures. Jodi Leza unpacks a two, maybe a three part survival guide to Bali for those that don’t surf but love the adventure and Nasi Goreng.

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