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A daily photo south of Scottburgh gives an indication of what the points might be doing on the South Coast. The photo guy waits for a wave to break for best view of ambient swell.

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+2 #780 mon tues wedRuss 2017-03-27 09:33
Good to feel the land breeze every morning which is a good sign

Not much in terms of surf though
3 foot soft and a little buckled
Light onshore winds for the day as the southerly moves it way up the coast
May improve on the swing of the tide

Low - 09h35
High - 15h40

SW busts early on Tuesday
Not much on the go early
Take a look at the more protected spots as the wind settles and and the tide turns
Slight chub in the swell to around four feet

Low - 10h05
High - 16h40

Could be some fun waves Wednesday morning if an offshore gets into it
Take a look around mid morning as conditions settle
A small window open before the onshore swings us a new one around midday

Low- 10h40
High – 04h30 / 16h45

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #779 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-03-24 06:03
An early morning offshore has cleaned up some decent angled easterly lines, perfect for some of the banks we have on hand
However the SW is slowly starting to bite into it. Pity
The southerly, she is due to dust us properly all day today
Best go take a look at the more protected spots for a session

Low - 07H40
High - 14H00

Moderate to fresh southerly all day again on Saturday
Some 4-6ft swell due. Its not a thick swell. Limp at 8secs
Its take cover once again

Low - 08H30
High - 14H35

Wednesday I said Sunday morning would be the call and I still stand by that
Slight drop in swell however the tides are right and we are due to a nice crispy overnight and early morning offshore that should clean up conditions nicely
Our first dawnie call? I think so!
Its should last until the NE pokes around the latter part of the morning

Low - 09H00
High - 15H05

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean

+1 #778 wed thur friRuss 2017-03-22 06:48
Early land breezes are cleaning up conditions nicely these days
Hopefully a good sign for winter

A few selective 3ft peaks out back.
Worth an early morning paddle before work and the before the NE nobs its for the rest of the day

We move out of neaps

High - 11h40
Low – 06h00 / 18h20

Similar conditions for Thursday
We have a southerly that is once again moving up the coast so maybe a day with no wind and a few fun waves all day

High - 13h40
Low - 07h00

SW squeezes hard and lays one all over us on Friday
Some good swell due
Dirt Bin looks like the call
Wind too hard for anywhere else

High - 14h00
Low – 07h50 /

Sunday looks like the day

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #777 Mon Tues WedRuss 2017-03-20 08:16
Conditions are really nice this morning settling and producing a few fun 3ft peaks as the tide drains
Light onshore all morning. Moderating later this arvo

Full neaps for the next three days

High - 07h00
Low - 13h55

Similar conditions for Tuesday the only difference is the onshore gets up a bit more and bones it just before midday
get onto whatever is on offer early

High - 08h50
Low - 15h30

Wednesday we have an onshore broken up mess on a pushing tide with a fresh NE all day
No good news
Go to work

High - 11h40
Low – 04h55 / 18h20

Have a good one

Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #776 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-03-17 07:00
Its deep, 3-4ft and miff with an onshore crumple in it already
Fresh NE all day today.
May as well go to work

High – 06h00 / 18h15
Low - 12h15

No rush for anything early Saturday
3-5ft High and manky
Going to have to wait for the tide to drain before be able to find anything
A healthy wave period moves up from south jumping from 11 to 16secs by mid morning
Grab what you can before the SW blows its load around mid arvo maybe sooner

High – 06h35 / 18h40
Low - 12h40

Once again no rush for anything on Sunday
Let wind and tide settle in then take a look at the more protected spots as the southerly remains moderate to fresh all day
4-5ft all day

high - 07h05
Low - 13h15

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #775 wed thur friRuss 2017-03-15 07:42
A nice sunny day here along the east coast of KZN
Not much in terms of surf just yet with an early morning high leaving us
The swell has dropped to around 4ft and is a bit sideways after yesterdays NE
Cant see if and what the swell we had has done to our banks.
We will have to wait until the tide drains out
Grab what you can with a small window period on offer before the burps and farts around mid arvo

High – 05h15 / 17h25
Low - 11h20

I said that Thursday may be the call
Nothing early with the high on us.
Swell hops and drops overnight.
May still be a bit ruffled from the southerly which starts to dismantle as the day moves forward
I would say take a look around mid morning as wind and tide drop
Light southerly swinging light onshore much later

High – 05h40 / 17h50
Low - 11h45

Friday we get boned by an early NE
early high and the Hell wind looming
Cant see much happening unless there is a decent bank on the shorey

High – 06h05 /
Low - 12h20

have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #774 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-03-10 06:49
Its ugly!
Big frothy cruddy muddy and sideways
Only place looks like Dirt Bin for the day
Southerly opens wide for the rest of the day

We move into Springs

High - 14h55
Low - 08h50

Tomorrow is looking promising
Still some good six foot swell running
An overnight and early morning offshore may just clean up conditions
Its all water colour pending as the rivers have open their chutney chutes
Otherwise its hanging with the masses between those concrete blocks
Wind due to swing onshore around mid to late morning so grab what you can where you can

High - 15h30
Low - 09h25

Another offshore due for Sunday morning
Its a 50/50 for anything down south
The swell and wave period on the rise as the day progresses
Jumps from 6ft at 11secs to 7-8ft at 14secs when the SW bends us over and reams us new one around mid morning
Looks like its amongst the nappies and polystyrene once again

High - 16h00
Low - 09h55

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #773 Wed Thur FriRuss 2017-03-08 07:54
You know those mornings when you you used go on the jol and wake up to see some decent curves and lines under the sheets next you and you think you have scored.
Its only when you rub the kuk out of your eyes when she rolls over and removes the sheet to see that the curves are lumpy, the lines are all broken and cracked and reality smacks home that you you didnt really score
Thats what its like this morning
Some lines and curves but not lukka
Moderate to fresh NE on the cards for today which may just hold off as a beeg SW moves up the coast
It may be worth asking her to hang around and put on some make up where she make be worth riding a bit a later

Low - 07h25
High - 13h25

SW cracks her whip, slams on the handcuffs and gives us a good spanking all Thursday
looks like a day to go take a look in Dirt Bin between those man mades for the day

Low - 08h05
High - 14h15

A repeat for Friday

Low- 08h50
High - 14h55

Saturday is looking peachy

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #772 MON TUES WEDRuss 2017-03-06 07:13
A nice southerly has brought in some 4ft at 16secs swell with some semi lines.
They are there but theres a slight buckle in it right now
The southerly also brought in rain and the rivers have made a stinky
So the colours a bit off
Its a search for cleaner water today
Winds are light southerly swinging light onshore around mid morning before going moderate later


High - 09h35
Low - 16h15

The onshore should have cleaned up the conditions for Tuesday
Still a nice 4ft and 13sec swell running
We have a few nice banks that have formed at most spots so worth taking a look for a session for sure
Light NE for most of the morning before moderating later

High - 11h55
Low – 05h15 / 18h30

The NE sets in for Wednesday however we still have a healthy southerly swell and wave period for most of the day
This onshore may just settle as we have a vedy vedy beeg southerly moving up the coast
Keep an eye on the conditions as there maybe waves all day

High - 13h25
Low –07h05 / 19h45

Now we seem to have some strange yet hectic cyclonic weather patterns moving along the east coast of Madagascar and a heavy SW moving up the coast of SA on Thursday
This cyclone is pretty far out into the Ocean however is still close enough to give the SW moving up the coast a high five as they cross paths
I think we may be in for seriously ugly clumpy and sizeable swell if they do
Go to Spikes link to get a better idea

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #771 Fri Sat SunRuss 2017-03-03 06:41
Its going to be a blistering day today
Not much in terms of surf
Small on a high tide and a bit crinkled
May improve later as the tide drains but its really really small
Light onshore wind for the most of the morning making way for a burp and fart of a southerly around mi arvo

We move into neaps

High - 06h30
Low - 12h45

Its looks like a nice beach day tomorrow as the southerly remains light swinging light onshore much later
No rush to find anything early.
Its still small and deep.
Maybe take a cruise and look for something around mid morning

High - 07h20
Low - 13h30

Light cross offshore before a full offshore around 8.00am tomorrow
The southerly pops a small cork around mid morning
Best bet would to let wind and tide settle in before going to take a look at the more protected spots

Monday morning is looking like a good call
4-5ft at 16secs with alight southerly pending

High - 08h10
Low - 14h30

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #770 MON TUES WEDRuss 2017-03-01 07:08
I was right. The heavy NE yesterday has cleaned up conditions

However its small and deep and there is not much going on out there right now
Maybe a little something as the tide drains
We have a small window before the southerly breaks wind around the latter part of the morning

High – 05h25 / 17h40
Low - 11h35

Small and deep early Thursday morning
Dribble as it drains before the onshore swings back in the arvo
Maybe just maybe a small shorey on the pushing tide

High –06h00 / 18h15
Low - 12h10

Deep, small with a moderate onshore early Friday
Not much on offer
Onshore drops after midday and swops place for a southerly that is moving up the coast
Its a squeak of a southerly which doesnt do much to the conditions

High – 06h40 / 18h50
Low - 12h45

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean

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