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A daily photo south of Scottburgh gives an indication of what the points might be doing on the South Coast. The photo guy waits for a wave to break for best view of ambient swell.

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+1 #768 WED THUR FRIRuss 2017-02-22 07:28
Conditions the past two days have been pretty good
Its a bit frothy and disjointed this morning
Moderate southerly all day
Try the more protected spots for a session

Low - 07h30
High - 13h45

The same goes for thursday
Lighter southerly all day so it may be a bit better than wednesday

Low - 08h15
High - 14h25

Friday morning the call for sure as an early land breeze should clean up conditions nicely
4-5ft and clean
Get onto it before the onshore kills it around mid to late morning

Low – 08h50
High – 15h00

Have a good one

Keep it simple
Keep it clean
+1 #767 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-02-17 07:46
Another sweltering day today with the threat of “cyclonic” conditions on the way
Neptune has sent in one his ugly daughters today
Lump thighs, pimples and all.
Its messy and unsettled.
Some nice 4ft swell around. May improve as the tide drains however its a race between wind and tide
NE due to wind its neck out for the day

Moving into neaps

High - 07h00
Low - 13h20

A power grind nasty NE due all Saturday
Can only hope for an early morning scratch in the shorey
It comes as goes as the Southerly moves up the coast

High - 07h45
Low - 14h00

The SW bust a double nut overnight and continues to blow its load all day Sunday
Expect really messy conditions
Dirt maybe the only call on Sunday arvo.
Could be ok as the NE swell hangs around

High - 08h35
Low - 15h00

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #766 WED THUR FRIRuss 2017-02-15 09:20
Conditions are nice with a few peaks running through.
The water is a bit sketchy after all the rain we have had. The rivers spread their starfish nice and wide and did a small poo poo into into the ocean.
Best go take a look and find cleaner water for the day
Light southerly all morning swinging light to moderate onshore later

High – 06h10 / 18h20
Low - 12h20

Water may still be a bit on the crud mud side for wednesday so best stay out or go look elsewhere
There may be a few waves as it drains but best stay out or risk it (your call)
Fresh NE winds due later

High – 06h40 / 18h45
Low - 12h45

NE drops off overnight. May have cleaned up or more vuil water may have pushed down from the rivers up north
Will have to wait and see
Deep early but may improve as it drains
Get onto it if clean before the another NE decks us around mid morning. Not much time to get anything in

High – 07h10 / 19h15
Low - 13h20

The Devil Wind puts our nuts in a vice and squeezes all Saturday. And I mean really squeezes.
Drops right off Saturday night and makes way for a fresh SW on Sunday (Go Figure)

Have a good one
Keep it simple . keep it clean
+3 #765 Fri Sat SunRuss 2017-02-10 07:42
Nice clean conditions this morning with the odd 2-3ft slicer running through out back
Selective but its there.
However the line p is empty due to an approx 8ft Bull shark that has been taking a cruise up and down our coastline
It came up too close for comfort to a mate of mine a few days back
Maybe a good a idea to goo and take a look for a few that maybe running further south
light land breeze early swinging light to moderate onshore later before going fresh

Low - 9:36AM
High - 3:43PM

Expect lumpy crumply 2-3ft conditions on Saturday morning
Onshore gets into it early freshening as the day moves forward
Its going to be a scratch all day

Low - 10h15
High – 16h20

A light land breeze may clean up conditions for Sunday. Looks like a bit more swell on the cards at around 3-4ft
We have a small window for waves before the SW takes a swing at us and tears us a new one around midday

Low - 10h45
High – 16h50

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+3 #764 wed thur friRuss 2017-02-08 05:50
Nothing much to report this morning
Its small mixed and manky
A small southerly due to pop around mid to late morning
Best take a look at the more sheltered spots later

We start to move into springs

Low - 08h10
High - 14h20

Light southerly in the morning swinging light to moderate SE later on Thursday
Could be a few waves here and there as the tide starts to pulse
Small at around 3ft but I’m sure there will be something on hand at some spots

Low - 08h55
High - 15h05

Get onto a small 3ft peak that should be on offer early before the Devil winds canes it
Squeezes a fresh one all day

Low - 09h35
High - 15h45

have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+3 #763 mon tues wedRuss 2017-02-06 06:51
Southerly has settled and there is a nice angle running
A few 3-4ft peaks out back however very selective at the more open faced breaks
Moderate southerly swinging SE to direct onshore much later
Take a look at the more protected spots for something

Low – 06h00 / 18h30
High - 12h05

50/50 call for something early as the swell drops and an early onshore looms
Fresh NE all day
get it early if there is something on offer

Low - 07h05
High - 13h25

It may be a bit unsettled and small early Wednesday however there is a small window later in the morning as conditions calm
Grab it before the SW busts around mid arvo

Low - 08h10
High - 14h20

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+7 #762 mon tues wedRuss 2017-01-30 06:16
A peachy morning with a few glassy 3-4 ft peaks straining to break out back
It should improve as the tide drains
Get onto it before the onshore buckles it around mid to late morning

High - 05h10
Low - 11h20

A bit deep early but may improve on the draining tide once again
A race between wind and tide as another moderate NE is on the cards for Tuesday

High - 05h45
Low - 11h50

Same story for Wednesday
Onshore is due to tuck into it a bit earlier
Its a scratch

High - 06h20
Low - 12h30

Have a good one
Keep it simple
Keep it clean
+3 #761 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-01-27 06:50
I was bang on the money with wednesday report
I said it would be a 50/50 call for some decent 4-5ft waves this morning. It all was all about the overnight onshore
We have 4-5ft lines and the overnight onshore has already put a buckle into it
Its as if the sea Gods in our area are super miff with us and are showing was one big knool!!
What could have been is gone for the rest of the day as the Hell Wind is due to strengthen as the day moves forward

Low - 09h40
High - 15h45

Another 50/50 call as the swell changes angle overnight for a bit of something on saturday
However its once again wind pending as another southerly looms early
Sea Gods are definitely the hell in with us.
No time to breath for a session these days
SW due to bust around mid morning maybe sooner
Try the more protected spots in the arvo as everything settles in

Low - 10h15
High - 16h15

Its looks as if we can go out and play all day Sunday as we get a break
Light southerly early, low tide 3-4ft at 11secs which should improve as the tide pushes
Finally, something!
Wind swings light onshore late morning and into the arvo but shouldnt bother ocean too much.
Get on it, milk that titty, in fact milk both of them. Get your fill!!

Low - 10h45
High - 16h50

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #760 wed thur friRuss 2017-01-25 06:07
The southerly popped its cork early hours of this morning
Its messy to say the least
Southerly remains fresh all day
Try the more protected spots later as the day settles in

Low - 08h30
high - 14h40

The southerly continues to blow moderate to fresh all Thursday tapering off later in the arvo
Some 4-5ft swell due.
Take a look at the protected spots out of the wind once again

Low - 09h10
High - 15h15

Its a 50/50 call for something really early on Friday morning
Wind pending
Another NE due to swing in early
The only hope is that it didnt start blowing out at sea thursday night/Friday morning
If it did then expect broken up cross swell munky poo
We live in hope

Low - 09h40
High - 15h50

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #759 mon tues wedRuss 2017-01-23 07:32
Its a manky 4ft mess after yesterday NE whipping
Devil wind continues to grind away all day today
“Maybe” a shorey on the pushing tide

Low - 07h00
High - 14h00

An excuse of half a dart fart of a southerly early Tuesday morning. So weak that there’s not even enough time to smell it
NE swings back in for the rest of the day however drops of in the arvo as a buster SW moves up the coast for Wednesday
Wonky conditions all day.
The high tide shorey is the only hope

Low - 07h45
High - 14h40

The southerly held it back for most of the night and busts a nut and blows its load early Wednesday morning
I have nothing for you for the morning
Try the more protected spots as wind and tide find some rhythm
Some 4-6ft swell due

Low - 08h30
High - 15h15

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #758 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-01-20 05:49
Nice clean conditions once again this morning
Light land breeze with the odd 3-4ft peak out back
Maybe worth going to look at some of the “better” spots around for a more quality wave
The tide is still on the rise so it may iron itself even more as it does
Light southerly for most of the morning moderating later in the arvo
Looks like waves all day (did I just say that)

High - 08h55
Low - 15h15

Looks like waves all day on Saturday as well ( I’m wetting myself I’m so excited)
3-4ft with a light to moderate southerly for most of the day before it swings moderate onshore much later
Worth a mission somewhere to find some quality surf

High - 10h15
Low - 16h55

I suppose three in a row was asking a bit much
The Devil winds is due to grind away early and all Sunday
We live in hope for something early however I think its going get buckled early
Its a scratch for the day

High - 12h00
Low – 05h10/18h40

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean

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