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Wavescape - Surfing in South Africa

This animated GIF indicates the strength and direction of the wind blowing on the sea surface in the oceans surrounding South Africa. The controls enable you to fast forward, rewind, stop and pause so that you can study the information frame by frame.

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WavescapeSA Wild Coast --Screaming geebie SW busters blast Friday with huge seas and giant sets buckling the horizon. It's a... http://t.co/tdS8Vst7lj
WavescapeSA Eastern Cape East --eeYoh! It's seriously big open coast Friday with early morning sets to 18ft and a horizon bu... http://t.co/GiaXGuDDdH
WavescapeSA Eastern Cape West --Out of control 15' bombs moer wildside shores in humping W winds Friday and of course, natur... http://t.co/R9FQAcaWPz
WavescapeSA Southern Cape --Raunchy 15' bombs smash open coast in strong W winds Friday with protected points 4-8' but many ... http://t.co/pMxsxE3rZN


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