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Namaqualand and N Cape

Sporadically updated

Cranking though inconsistent long range swell to 5' rises gradually Wednesday to six foot in kiff light S winds in morning, going moderate or fresh S in arvi. Thursday 4-6' lines still running a bit more consistent in moderate to fresh S breezes. Friday swell has dropped to 4' open coast with light S winds going moderate. Saturday light NW to N breeze for a mild onshore bump and small 3ft surf likely open coast. Sunday small to flat conditions with light NW to N breezes puffing moderately bumpy onshore.

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West Coast

Melkbos to Doring Bay

Sunday 13 August 2017

Sunday points fire again with still more swell pouring through 6-8ft open coast, easing slowly to 4-6ft. Fresh SSE winds. Monday the fairweather crew can surf now. Down to 4-5' and nice west direction and and light to moderate SSE winds puffing fresh S. Swell direction goes more south. Tuesday lekker glassy light W bump but small 3' surf at best. Wind goes moderate SSW to S. Wednesday swell builds, with 4' sets in morning reaching 6-8ft by arvi. Wind fresh SSW going strong by arvi. Thursday lekker 4-5' west swell and kiff light going moderare east offshore. Nice surf. Stiff SSE breeze gets up mid to late arvi.

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Cape Peninsula

Melkbos to Cape Agulhas

Sunday 13 August 2017

Big smoking barrels Sunday as sandbanked bars get blasted by 6-8ft swell in fresh SSE tho better SE direction at first. Muizies fun 3' and wobbly but not terrible early, progressively dissolved by stiffening SE. Monday swell more South now. Good for False Bay, which looks 3-4' and a wind swinging SW bodes well for an arvi surf with morning moderate SSE. Other side 3-5' and iffy winds, tho dawnie ok. Tuesday new swell to solid 6ft or a bit bigger has arrived but the wind is fresh SW. Rain showers. Muizies could be fun off- to sideshore SW and 3'. Wednesday frontal look and strong SW messes with 5-7ft swell going black SE-ish 20+kts. Muizies ok 2-3' early, going miff onshore. Thursday kiff 4-6' peaks in frisky straight SE offshore. Muizies onshore and messy.

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Southern Cape

Agulhas to Plettenberg Bay

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Oh my hat. A proper winter burst of dikness ahead. Meanwhile, Tuesday small 3' and clean early going light to moderate onshore. Wednesday nice conditions, calm to mildly morning sickly N wind early, glassy patches, then offshore W moderate to fresh by evening as front approaches but surf looks zilch to zip. Thursday lekker clean light devilish NW and the sea still small. Front lurks, but still to come. Watch evening sesh as the swell arrives in form of 4-5' lined up punchy sets. Lekker light W. Could fire for an hour or two. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. That all goes pearshaped overnight into Friday as a heavy cold front, big SW buster, and dik stormsea arrives. Wind 20kts, swell 10-12' going on 15 at times later. There are also rain showers. Saturday grinding 8'+ open coast sets and stiff W winds. A bit wild and woolly for some. Cooking for others.

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Eastern Cape West

Cape St Francis to Port Alfred

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Oohlala. A proper burst of winter fatness lies ahead. Tuesday looks 2-4' open coast in a fresh to strong NE onshore. Miff. Wednesday the NE is still around, or the effects are with sickly morning conditions, though it may be calm in the far west of this coast. Either way, apart from lots of washy 2-4' east windswell, no pointbreak groundswell around at all. The west switch due to come thro after lunch, earlier perhaps the further to the west you are. In the east, it arrives mid arvi. Thursday weak stream of east windswell 2-3' and while a big winter front lurks, there is nothing to report ... yet. But come Friday and that has changed big time. Strong NW devils wind quickly becomes a stiff W buster, white caps and a building stormsea is already 10'+ in morning, potentially bigger later. Not many spots will handle. Those that do will of course cook. Saturday grinding 8'+ and stiff W winterly winds. Heaving. Wild and woolly for some. Cooking for others.

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Eastern Cape East

Port Alfred to Kei Mouth

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Tuesday looks fresh to miff NE onshore despite 4-5' open coast surf. Wednesday the NE rips thro at a horrid neargale. Thursday big washy messy weak east windswell 2-5' cleaned up by a frisky early W offshore. This eases in arvi, going glassy or light onshore. A winter front lurks, but nothing to report ... yet. This changes on Friday as a proper gruntswell that's solid 6' at dawn builds all day, with 10-12' sets running open coast in arvi. Winds are fresh NW devils wind early going moderate to fresh W. Could be firing if your spot holds its own against such deep grunt. Saturday grinding 8'+ in perfect W winterly offshore winds. Epic if you surf the right spots. Some points too wild and woolly tho.

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Wild Coast

Wild Coast

Tuesday 8 August 2017

A nasty beasterly onshore NE is going to kap Tuesday with small window early when dawnie might have yielded a few clean 4' lines on some points. The onshore smashes the hump off Wednesday at horrid neargale gusts. Totally kaput. Thursday a west is thro to brush back a big washy messy weak east windswell 3-5'. Friday dawns with possibly fresh N or NNW winds - a precursor to a frontal storm in the far west by the Western Cape. However, the swell has not arrived yet, but does some time in the arvi to evening, with 4-6' sets hitting open coast. Winds ease to glassy by late arvi, so watch the evening sesh for a sneaky surf. Saturday cooking 6-8'+ on open coast in crisp offshores early altho there may be a bit of S in the wind when it comes up.

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KZN South Coast

Port Edward to Amanzimtoti

Tuesday 8 August 2017

A horrible beasterly onshore NE smacks you Tuesday and Wednesday when its really horrid, busting almost galeforece. Yech1 Thursday is sickly, and broken, and very sad, and in need of a group hug or some form of therapy. Fresh N winds blow. Sea looks like a big washy machine. Friday could also be fresh to strong N to NNW going fresh to strong NNE to NE. Neither are good angles. Some swell is building from big storms in the deep south, so watch open coast possibly looking 4-5'+ but winds need to change. Saturday stiff southerlies set to ruin what would be firing 6-8'+ SSW groundswell smacking open coast with deep grunt and proper groundswell energy. Hope the wind changes. Otherwise it's the crying face.

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Durban and surrounds

Amanzimtoti to Ballito Bay

Tuesday 8 August 2017

After a feasible small dawnie window of okay small surf Tuesday the wind goes stiff to beasterly onshore NE. This pumps later but really goes the clappers Wednesday when its really horrid, busting almost galeforece. Thursday is sickly, and broken, and very sad, and in need of a group hug or some form of therapy. Fresh N winds blow. Sea looks like a big washy machine. Winds are NE by arvi. Yech. Not a nice spell. The dawnie is your only hope. Friday same again Sam, altho always a chance of a clean dawnie, with loads of washy east windswell peaks to chooses from if the katabatic NW puffs at first. Then it's onshore again. Saturday stiff SSW buster has kapped thro, as has a bit of groundswell to 6ft open coast. Town 2-3' and fun. Open coast too much south in wind, and too much wind and maybe too much swell.

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KZN Far North Coast

North of Zinkwazi

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Four days of stiff N to NNE winds ahead for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday serie ass. Barring some katabatic NW that might delay the wind at times during the dawn patrol, particularly the further south towards Durban you are, this does not look like an ideal period of surf. Saturday now its NW and going light to moderate SW and clean and kiff offshores are beginning to sort out the messy easterly windswell, and there an epic long range solid 18 second beautiful SSW groundswell from distant storms in the deep south.

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