Thu, 13 August 2020

In a furious flurry of epically epic waves and insanely incredible surfing, the final four of the inaugural Rip Curl E-Pro have been decided, and it looks like the event will be down to the wire.


In the first women’s semifinal, the two goofy-footers Zoe Steyn from East London and Faye Zoetmulder from Cape St Francis battled it out on their backhands, entering two excellent east coast rights. Zoetmulder was looking smooth and powerful but Steyn’s explosive turns saw her get the nod and advance to the final. The stand-alone Rip Curl E-Pro Women’s event was supported by the Kouga Municipality as part of Women's Month. Two talented Kouga girls, Kai Woolf and Zoetmulder, entered.

The second semifinal saw Salt Rock surfer Sophie Bell face off against Scarborough’s Ceara Knight, and it was a victory for the Durban girl against her Capetonian counterpart. The Rip Curl E-Pro Women event has support from VUM Insurance – emerging business insurance.

The Men’s semifinal 1 was close, with Shane Sykes from Salt Rock coming up against Durban’s surfer Josh Redman. Syke’s wave comprised a massive power gouge, a long and deep tube, and two hard cracks off the top, while Redman’s offer was a deep and draining double-barrel. The judges unanimously awarded the win to Sykes, making him the first finalist.

In the second semi, Dale Staples from St Francis Bay came up against Chad Du Toit from Durban. It was another close one, with Staples throwing in a long and smooth wave with turns and barrels, against an epic late drop into a throaty barrel from Du Toit. Once again the judges awarded the win to multiple turns, and Staples advanced into the men’s final.

Both Du Toit and Redman’s barrels are in a good position to be in contention for the Red Bull Best Tube award of R10,000.

The finals

Men's Final: Shane Sykes V Dale Staples
Women's Final: Sophie Bell V Zoe Steyn

First prize in both men and women’s finals is R10,000, and runner-up position is R5,000. There is a pair of Oakley Sunglasses going to each winner, as well as to the two winning videographers.

For full results and where to vote, go to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SurfOpenLeague/ or check out the event website https://www.surfwebseries.com/ or the @surfopenleague Instagram account.

Rip Curl, the Ultimate Surfing Company...

The Rip Curl E-Pro is presented by Shaka Surf

Shaka Surf is an eco surf store specialising in 100% sustainable surf products, including surf fins made from recycled plastics. Their mission is to reduce plastic waste and create awesome eco surf fins.


Oakley is an event partner
Wavescape is the Rip Curl E-Pro media partner
The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Surfing South Africa.
The Rip Curl E-Pro is powered by TCS-WiFi
The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by the Kouga Municipality
The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by The Travel Collective


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