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Sat, 16 December 2017

East London has many surf spots that deliver when the known breaks fail. Waveski guru Bruce Viaene and photographer Dalton Burton find solace in a Slumtown slab.

Plan A

Nothing is more of a stoke than scoring waves as the sun kisses the horizon at the start of the day. Photographer Dalton Burton and I headed to one of East London's finest point breaks, 20 minutes from town. However, the sun never materialised, and we were left with a light drizzle, and a less than preferable east swell. It wasn't even 6am yet, so I decided to paddle out at the empty line-up in the hope it would improve. After 45 minutes, with less than five waves under my belt and an increasingly frustrated photographer on the rocks, I pulled the plug and came in.

Plan B

Living on East London's East Coast I know the not-so-popular waves that work in different conditions. So, we packed up our stuff, trekked back to the car (hoping windows were still intact) and made our way to a lessor known left that breaks over a shallow slab with a touch of sand. And, as the WSL would say, Its ON! From siff, wobbly wave to a grinding, tight barrel was just what we needed to get the job done. Dalton settled into his perch and nailed the shots while the waves pulled in.

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